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5/05/2004 3:43am,
About the crossface (NOT that cheesy pro wrestling move)... I don't feel that confident in putting my hooks in for the back mount (my attempts usually get blocked), so if my opponent turtles up, is using the crossface to flip them to their back for side control a viable option? I can usually get the mount (kind of) easily, even on the better guys (usually by driving the knee across the chest rather than swithing my hips and swinging my leg over).

And the second question: What do you guys think about the scissor guard? My instructor says that even if you aren't using it to sweep it's a good open guard position to use (he emphasizes it's use), especially in MMA.

5/05/2004 5:15am,
a BUMP for before I go to bed.

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5/05/2004 8:09am,

love it and love it!

cross face from turtle-make sure you go under the arm (in the pit) on the side opposite to your body

that way their head can't pop out

scissor guard- also sweet

I put a knee in to control the space (this can keep the punches away)

lots of attacks from here!

5/05/2004 4:29pm,
What's an example of an attack from scissor guard (other than the scissor sweep)?

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5/05/2004 4:45pm,
Kimora-self explanatory on the side your knees are pointing
Arm Bar-take the tricep control arm-bar grip and scissor, if it fails, foot on hip/then arm bar
Triangle-take the tricep control arm-bar grip and try the scissor-if it fails- strip an arm with your knee to triangle
Arm Bar #2, Arm bar Sweep and the Oma Plata-when you attempt the scissor-they pass-use the same tricep control grip and bring your furthest leg up over their head- belly down arm bar or lift your leg on his neck to role him for the armbar sweep or role on your shoulder closest to your opponent and oma plata

there are a few to start

5/05/2004 6:01pm,
A cross face from turtle mount is just begging for you to set a choke.

5/05/2004 7:33pm,

5/07/2004 7:08am,
Yeha... I caught one of the better guys with a crossface and side mounted, but I'm not sure if he let me or not. If not it doesn't seem like he was expecting it. Is this not a common move in submission wrestling?

5/07/2004 9:47pm,
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