View Full Version : New Guy Thanks Bullshido

9/03/2013 1:02pm,
I guess I should introduce myself here before I go fucking around everywhere else.

About 6 months ago I decided to get back into martial arts, after avoiding everything resembling them for most of the last decade. (had some abortive attempts at Shitty Kenpo and Shotokan as a young dude. Didn't stick with it. Didn't come away with a high opinion on MA.)

After extensive googling and research-fu to find out what MA I should try out, I found Bullshido and lurked about reading most everything on here. The delicious blend of cynicsm and blunt analysis here convinced me to steer clear of some bullshit styles in my city and try Judo.

Now I am a dedicated Judo fanboy, get chirped by my wife for constantly talking about "ouchi-kouchis" and regularly get tossed on my head each week, just for the fun of it. Can't wait to learn more, and possibly cross-train in a striking style in the near future.

Thank you all, you dark-hearted bastards.