View Full Version : Where is Saddam?

5/04/2004 8:44am,
Ive been wondering this for some time now, where the hell is Saddam? Why havnt he heard of any type of trial yet?

5/04/2004 9:03am,
A. Assuming he is still held in Iraq, it's need to be a secret for security reasons. There are too many people who would either like to kill him or perhaps free him. Kill him being the higher risk.

B. Who would try him? There needs to be some sort of recognized govt. in Iraq to do this.

5/04/2004 10:02am,
I doubt he's in Iraq. More likely he's being "conditioned" somewhere off-shore until a point where it is most politically advantageous (ex: time for a distraction) to cart him out and make him say things.