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8/04/2013 10:27pm,
So, I began to study at goo's dojo and they sounded legit for a while. The weird part was that there was a 10th, 9th, and 8th degree black belt in one school. Okay... Strange. The 10th Dan, Erron Wright is the father of 8th Dan Erron Wright Jr, who apparently was fined $10,000 for a legal issue in 2009. (Google it). Erron Sr was promoted to 10th Dan by Prof. Rick Wigginton. Seems like a reasonable thing. The 9th Dan, Willie Parks, and the 8th Dan don't have documents of promotion. Kind of odd. The style they claim is Kempo-Goju. I have heard of other styles of the same name with a 10th Dan. How is that possible?

They have stripes on every belt because they were sent the wrong belts and just went with it. Wow. The katas, even though it is supposedly half Kempo, are all Goju-Ryu. Their testing requirements have kata up to 7th Dan. All of these are very strange.

When asked about the History, they say anyone can be a tenth if they change the style the slightest bit. Wtf?

8/05/2013 6:09am,
Are these people making any type of remarkable claims other than the obvious high rankings? Have you inquired about their lineage? Can you provide a web page or any articles? Were you the one who asked them about their 'history'? How did you become associated (assuming you did) with this organization? Are you a disgruntled former student, instructor, or did one of these masters / grandmasters / sokes ask you to hold his trophy so he could kiss your girlfriend?

If you want this to be a legitimate investigation, please provide some details or I would bet that it gets moved. Also, please introduce yourself and provide a little bit about your training.

http://i1261.photobucket.com/albums/ii595/slamdunc1/MilitaryBanner_zpsd361578d.png (http://s1261.photobucket.com/user/slamdunc1/media/MilitaryBanner_zpsd361578d.png.html)

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8/05/2013 8:53am,
I'm sorry. It was rude not to introduce myself. I am from Joplin, Mo, and I studied under Goo's dojo for a while. I have studied Shorin-Ryu for some time, and it is taught very traditionally. When I first arrived in my Shorin-Ryu class, the lineage was explained in great detail.

At Goo's dojo, it was very, very vague. Not only that and all explained above, but they also pump out belts like skittles at Halloween. They have two dojos. One located in Joplin, Mo and one located in Neosho, Mo.

So you know, my motives are not malicious. I have a family member taking classes there, and I want to be sure they he isn't throwing money away. I will provide some links soon.

8/05/2013 10:23am,
Is this the Place?

It says in the "about" section that they compete in sport Karate tournaments which must be a plus point if you are looking to learn Karate.

As for rank it seems to be a case of "creating" a system and awarding yourself a 10th Dan. As for awarding a lot of belts (with a nice grading fee) that is classic McDojo behaviors but doesn't necessarily mean the school is bullshido

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8/05/2013 3:01pm,
Yes, that is the place. Thank you for your response. They do a lot of sport karate, which is great if you want to participate in sport karate. They do win a lot of tournaments. What I am beginning to gather, is that it is up to the student's preference.

It is not something I want to be a part of, but it IS okay for a kid who wants to participate in tournaments and have fun, correct?