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Holy Moment
7/23/2013 5:44pm,

Welterweight boxing legend Emile Griffith, best remembered for his infamous death fight with Benny Paret, died after years of struggling with dementia and sexuality. The Paret fight created the kind of media sensation back in the day that MMA fans today fear will happen if a death occurs in a really high profile fight. Griffith was tormented throughout his life by the guilt of that fight and his homosexuality, but his achievements in the boxing ring were profound. Along with being a Hall of Famer and a three-division champion (Arguably), he's also considered one of the greatest welterweights of all time.


Holy Moment
7/23/2013 6:45pm,

Eddie Hardon
7/24/2013 12:39pm,

Thanks for that. It immediately stood out when I read the Thread title. IIRC, Paret had taken a sustained beating from Gene Fullmer and it's quite possible he was still affected by it when he took on Griffith. I also think that the Ref was Ruby Goldstein "The Jewel of the Ghetto", and it may have been his final time as Ref.

Paret had tried to provoke Griffith at the weigh-in and tried to touch his arse (ass) and called him "maricon". Gil Clancy, Emile's Trainer, told him to keep calm and save it for the ring.

I read of his 'coming out' with some surprise; shows how little I know. In winning both the WW and MW World Titles, he showed his talent and calibre and went on to be a top trainer. I recall him as cornerman for James "Bonecrusher" Smith v Tyson. Smith rebuked Emile, when he was applying the grease to the Face to facilitate gloves slipping off. Smith said: "You're scratching me!". FFS, that was the least of his problems, Tyson was beating the Bejesus of him. The Great Reg Gutteridge, UK superlative Boxing commentator, even remarked on Smith's manner: "Listen to him!" Reg was right, it was not right for Smith to treat a legendary Champ and trainer in such a manner.

RIP Emile.

Ice Hole
7/24/2013 2:08pm,
Dementia pugilistica sucks.