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Bad Grappler
7/19/2013 5:58pm,
So the other night in my bjj class, I was rolling with another white belt that rolled as well as several of the blue belts in our class.

After class I found out that he has a blue belt in judo, and is a 3 stripe white belt in bjj.

So is it disrespectful to not wear your stripes, or do people consider it personal preference?

7/19/2013 6:18pm,
I dunno that it's disrespectful...

7/19/2013 6:36pm,
How does the instructor feel about it?

http://i1261.photobucket.com/albums/ii595/slamdunc1/MilitaryBanner_zpsd361578d.png (http://s1261.photobucket.com/user/slamdunc1/media/MilitaryBanner_zpsd361578d.png.html)

7/19/2013 6:47pm,
He's just practicing sandbagging ;)

7/19/2013 6:59pm,
I would say if his intention is to appear less experienced than he is, then that's a dick move. I usually ask unfamiliar people if they have any experience before I roll with them. I've only ever had one person "lie" about it. He said he'd done combatives in the army, but it was very quickly apparent that he had more experience than some combatives.

Bad Grappler
7/19/2013 7:14pm,
Not sure what our black belt thinks of it, I've not seen him at a class our black belt was teaching.

I was wondering if this is a common practice at other gyms or if one decided that they didn't want to wear their white belt strips, what people would say about it.

It is Fake
7/19/2013 7:18pm,
Is he a new student or old?

Bad Grappler
7/19/2013 7:23pm,
He apparently has been doing judo for 3 years and been taking bjj for around 10 months, but he doesn't come very often for bjj class. Both judo and bjj are at the same dojo.

7/19/2013 11:24pm,
I did BJJ for nearly 2 years than broke my keen cap at a Necromantix show in the circle pit (lame). Haven't been back to BJJ yet, it's been over a year. If I ever go back to a BJJ gym i'd probably go as a whitebelt without my stripes. Mainly because I expect that after a year and a half off i'd look like a shitty 3 stripe white belt. If asked i'd say I did BJJ before but I wouldn't get into detail unless I was asked specifically. Personally I hate it when guys play up their previous MA experience especially when they can't demonstrate the discipline I would expect from all the talk. I;d rather go in to a roll and have a guy be surprised by my abilities due to my humble nature than to be disappointed due to my overconfident BS. I don;t see it as sandbagging but my scenario is different than the OP.

Omega Supreme
7/19/2013 11:47pm,
No......next question?

7/20/2013 2:33am,
Yeah I would have gone the other way with that too. Bjj is not judo. You dont wear your belt.

I still tell people what I have trained though.

Bad Grappler
7/20/2013 8:41am,
I really didn't care that he has prior training. Several of the people in my bjj class are black belts in karate, or MT instructors, but they all wear their stripes on their white or blue belts.

I was just curious how not wearing your stripes is viewed.

Plus, this guy is a sand-bagger. I roll really well with him, getting escapes and sweeps as often as he gets them on me, but he's a strait up dick when it comes to applying submissions.

Example: I turtled and he locked on a rear naked across my teeth, and scrapped his forearm across my teeth. I tapped when I tasted blood. Later, he tried to pull an arm bar from guard that he really didn't have, but just started to roll over on his stomach and twisting my wrist trying to get a submission. It didn't hurt, but I tapped because I was afraid he would twist my arm wrong.

7/20/2013 8:52am,
Who cares? It's not like it's a tournament. Nothing would be done differently in class if he were wearing stripes. Maybe he's a dick but what would his stripes change?

7/20/2013 9:32am,
This is one of the reasons I dislike the idea of stripes. They are an arbitrary measurement that came into being because people couldn't handle no signs of measurable progress (outside of actual skill on the mat) for the year(s) it took to get to the next belt. Another example of our incessant need for exterior validation coupled with immediate gratification.

In conclusion, **** stripes and the drama they bring with them.

Vieux Normand
7/20/2013 2:14pm,
I really didn't care that he has prior training.

Not sure why you'd care about a presence--or absence--of stripes then.

Aren't they supposed to be some sort of indicator of...well...prior training?

Bad Grappler
7/20/2013 3:29pm,
Not sure why you'd care about a presence--or absence--of stripes then.

Aren't they supposed to be some sort of indicator of...well...prior training?

I'm not concerned with rolling with people that are better then me. Just like when I roll with the purple belts or the black belt. I'm still going to try and work my techniques and survive as long as possible.

I've only trained at 2 gyms, and this is the first time I seen someone not wear their stripes, and I wanted to see how it's viewed.