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6/28/2013 5:45am,

Cake of Doom
6/28/2013 5:52am,

Saw that one coming but had to ask.

6/29/2013 6:59am,
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WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION......lol How meany times

6/29/2013 7:34pm,
I don't recall if this one was screen captured but do know it was linked. Not wanting to go back through the entire thread, here is....



Master Richard Spencer has studied martial arts and the art of combat for over 25 years. The first style of martial art that he studied was Judo closely followed by Shotokan Karate where just before his 12th birthday he received his first dan black belt. Master Richard then studied other traditional Japanese martial arts to black belt standards. In his twenties Master Richard studied with the Israeli and Russian special forces while he was a Commando in the British Army. Master Richard was a Close Quarter Combat (CQC/CQB) instructor and he left the forces in 2004. He then worked for various professional international security companies which found him using his combat skills on a regular basis. 2005 was the year where Xa-Ryu was founded with the assistance of his loving wife and the Ip Man Association. By 2007 Master Richard was known internationally and was representing Great Britain at with the Golden Belt at various tournaments and battles. Master Richard also appears in Hall of Fames in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. In just two years from founding Xa-Ryu Master Richard was nominated for the Master of the year award in 2007.

Rock Ape
6/29/2013 11:31pm,
Thanks Joe, but we have that and pretty much everything else covered.

7/01/2013 6:51pm,
Forget about twitter for a minute! Why don't I know you??? I lived with Spencer until things went wrong!! Who was your case worker - because in theory we should have the same one or at least know the same people!?

7/01/2013 6:54pm,
What's your brothers name?

7/01/2013 6:55pm,
You know my brother Rory. Spencer got in touch with me after you left. As for my RBL case worker it was Ty Harrison. I was on the Doncaster course to complete my full instructor.

7/01/2013 7:06pm,
At the time got this interview Spencer worked for the ISSA. Whatever you need to know about the ISSA, I can talk to Ken - he's a good friend of mine!?

7/01/2013 7:11pm,
Yes I know Rory! Met him at their house!
I'm sorry if I am coming across as suspicious but Spencer has told so many lies, it's difficult to tell who's telling the truth and who isn't!
Does your brother still go to uni with Ndidi? What does he think to the whole thing - ,it's be difficult for him being a friend of Ndidis!?

7/01/2013 7:14pm,
Personally if someone had wronged, the first thing I'd have done is remove the ICA logo from my twitter page! You were last active 61 days ago - when did you discover that Spencer was a fraud?

7/01/2013 8:56pm,
Easy, Greg. Lloydie has been nothing but cooperative, and has offered to send us his ICA documents, and that will be sufficient proof that he is who he says he is. He's not the one being investigated here.

It is Fake
7/01/2013 9:10pm,
Seriously, who cares what you would do? He is not you and doesn't have to justify anything to you. We are all not the same people and he may be waiting for more proof before removing things. You know, as remote as it appears, until everything is done nothing is 100% definitive.

Watching a few threads go south, I am not faulting anyone for waiting a bit to draw a final conclusion. So, do calm down and leave him alone in this thread.

7/02/2013 2:23am,
Ok Lloydie its all making sense now.

7/02/2013 2:31am,
Fair point! I apologise for jumping the gun a little! I'm angry with Spencer and frustrated! This thread is exposing Spencer the way he should be exposed! Maybe I need a day off!

7/02/2013 4:11pm,
Hey guys. I'm going to be on vacation with the family tomorrow morning through Sunday night. I won't have my computer with me. I'll be able to check in and get e-mails with my phone, but I won't be hosting and posting anything I get in my e-mail, I won't be doing any hardcore investigating, and I won't be working on the write-up. In short, if you need anything from me before Monday, ask now or forever hold your peace.