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5/03/2004 8:00am,

We might be able to pull more people into MMA with more demos like this!

5/03/2004 8:12am,
Well, it's nicely done.

People love the screaming I am sure.

Beatdown Richie
5/03/2004 11:15am,
Not bad at all... very cool moves, a bit flashy for my taste, but smoothly executed... and he even takes control of the attacking limb early on, and uke doesn't freeze and wait for too long. Seriously, I wish I could do such a demo... those flying armbars are really impressive

5/03/2004 11:20am,
do a search for the last time it was posted , many gave thier opinions on QUANTAUM.

5/03/2004 11:21am,
looking at the pics on the main page: are those "hand plants" common in jujitsu?


5/03/2004 11:23am,
Wasn't this posted months ago as "yoga/jujitsu combo vids" or something like that?

I've seen this before through links posted here on BS.

Very pretty **** though, I think I'll work it into the "1 step sparrin" crap we have to do for belt testing in TKD, I'm sure they'll love it.

5/03/2004 11:55am,
search function is overrated

5/03/2004 4:40pm,
with all the metrosexuals in BJJ, it was to be expected that they would eventually come up with "nice looking" demos to attract other men.

5/03/2004 5:17pm,
That was pretty nice. The one problem I have though is something that Beatdown Richie touched on - it was too flashy for my taste.

Many of the techniques were pretty cool, but I couldn't help but wonder how practical or realistic they were. That started me thinking about demos, in general. Perhaps the problem with some arts is that their demos are too "flashy". I mean, if we knew NOTHING about BJJ before seeing this demo, how many of us would still be saying, "Man, that was pretty smooth"? Instead, how many of us would be saying, "Pfft... That **** would never work. I'd like to see that moron try that on the street."?

Perhaps other arts would get more respect if they cut out the jump-spinning arial kicks and fancy-schmancy low-percentage stuff and put in some more practical, high-percentage, wreck your ****, kind of stuff. I'd much rather see a nice, brutal kick to the knee than a fancy spinning kick to the head. I would have MUCH more respect for that art. All that other stuff is just dancing.

5/03/2004 6:00pm,
I hate using "quantum" as a buzzword that makes it sound sooo impressive.

Quantum theory means there is a smallest unit of energy that can be exchanged between subatomic particles - a unit that is not subdivisible. That means a lot to physics....

And jack fucking squat to fighting. I also heard from a friend of mine that her mom bought into "naturopathy" and had to go through a "quantum test" with electrodes on her ankles, arms, and forehead.... and a computer gave a pretty little readout about "chakras" and mineral diffeciencies and an unnoticed infection that is manifested by "itchyness" and could "impair vision".

They also do allergy tests EVERY WEEK! with holding two little things in your hand. The arm that is weaker when the 'doctor' pushes on it is apparently holding the sample you are allergic to - and for 24 hours after the 'test' if you don't eat whatever you are allergic to you are 'cured'.

Last time she said she was allergic to vitamin C so she could eat no fruits or vegs for 24 hours. People will believe ANYTHING.

5/03/2004 6:52pm,
Yeah, their name is somewhat moronic, and the demos were overly flashy and cooperative. . .

BUT, I can pretty much totally justify ALL of that. Remember, people on Bullshido are, mostly, in the top 99th percentile for understanding effectiveness in the martial arts.

I think it is basically gauranteed that if your demo ISN'T flashy, interesting, and visually impressive to the general (ignorant and gullible) public, then just about NOBODY will care.

Promoting ground work and grappling simply won't work by having a demo where somebody submits their opponent on the ground from guard. 99% of people watching that will have no idea what is going on. This, I think, is one of the biggest things that holds back the spread of BJJ and grappling as a popular martial arts as far as the public goes.

Frankly, the public is populated mostly by morons, fools, and just plain stupid people that are attracted to flashy, silly, stupid martial arts. Is it any wonder that TKD is probably the most wide spread "martial art" in this country?

5/03/2004 6:56pm,
Bah! Gajus, you made some good points. Now, I am torn. Hehehe.

Yeah. I guess I was looking at the demo from an "enlightened" perspective. This type of demo should definately have more appeal to the "uninformed", who probably thing "rolling around on the ground" is just plain boring. I usually tell people that there really is a lot of skill and strategy in grappling, much like chess, but I don't think most people get it.

5/03/2004 8:25pm,
you guys are stupid. the lack is flashy demos is *NOT* what's holding BJJ and other like-minded grappling arts back in this country. it's the fact that it is gay. very very gay.

5/03/2004 8:37pm,
As a demo, it was nicely done. However, the very first move looked almost like a Capoeira kick. Too much like one.

The moves demonstrated are quite nifty. And dandy.

Mr. Mantis
5/03/2004 9:48pm,
I agree with Jenfucious, very mechanized attack squad.

5/03/2004 10:37pm,
Originally posted by Dejavu
As a demo, it was nicely done. However, the very first move looked almost like a Capoeira kick. Too much like one.

The moves demonstrated are quite nifty. And dandy.

I saw alot of stuff there that looked a little too acrobatic. Still cool stuff.