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5/03/2004 7:19am,
Now we all know that a gun is superior in self defense. But a lot of arts teach gun disarms, which of course is only effective from a close distance where you can control the weapon.

On this site, I've seen a lot of sidebar comments about the ineffectiveness of such techniques, so I'm just curious as to what the general opinion as to WHY they're ineffective?

In kenpo, I've learned a small handful of gun disarms, and FMA knife strips. I personally feel they'd be effective, and IMO it can't truly be tested because in a RL situation, you have the element of surprise on your side. Who'd be stupid enough to try something? :p

5/03/2004 10:34am,
Most people wouldnt be stupid enough to try it. However try this out. Take a unloaded handgun, and have your training partner keep it in his waist. Have him try to pull it on you, while you stand about 10 feet away. You would be surprised how you could get there, and control the weapon hand before he gets a chance to pull out. This is of course assuming the attacker is NOT a trained gun/knife fighter. But the trick is NO hesitation, and absolutely no second guessing halfway. This type of training is not for your typical martial artist. You really need to have a strong sense of self preservation to have the heart and balls to pull this **** off.

5/04/2004 11:35am,
Try it and other defenses(like holding you from behind w/his arm around your neck) w/a small paintball gun. Similar in weight plus the paintballs travel fster than bbs. still a fraction of a real bullet but 300 fps, point blank range you still would have no time to dodge it. Thet way, you'll be able to be honest of you got hit by covering the mark and having a little bit of pain. Wear proper eye protection and all that crap. Not to mention most MA teachers(mine included ) might look at me liek I have six heads(rightfully so) if I ask them. Unless of course they're a policeman/soldier or there occupation requires them to deal w/shady characters. Or they've been through that, did something or other and it worked. If your school does teach these, ask questions if the instructor has used it and if he hasn't, find out where he learned it from. I was shown a couple in my high school days by a guy who came to the school and taught basic self defense(before my karate days) and he said there are no guarantees as he(the agressor) has the upper hand. Keep in mind that most sources will say "Unlike other MA training, gun defenses were set up for certain scenarios and there is no second guessing once you make you r choice". I certainly hope you get more replies from people who know more about this than I do.

5/04/2004 12:11pm,
Just as in striking, there are many variables which must be considered prior to taking action: range, shooter's skill, hand position (on firearm), mental/physical state of shooter, shooter's focus, your body position/alignment, your proficiency, alternative options available, etc. Under the best scenario it is risky and should be avoided if at all possible. Can they work? YES! But no gun disarm is a high probablity move...and the reality is that most people are not nearly as good with them as they think they are.

**JurrasicWarrier - I've trainined with the paintballs. I can tell you that at point blank will leave a nice welt and will sting you**

5/04/2004 3:04pm,
That was one of my points. You'll know if you get hit. A paintball is about as close to the real thing in terms of speed w/out permanent injury or death. I'm not saying to do this daily but it should be practiced every once in a while. I do think that if the **** hits the fan, try to take him w/you if nothing else