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5/04/2004 11:24am,
But it's not Ronald.... it's "Ronaka"...

aww **** it. Lost that battle a long time ago.

5/04/2004 12:21pm,
Like the movie Coming to America. They have the golden arches we have the golden humps.

5/04/2004 1:16pm,
How about this for a T-shirt. We can make it a cartoon or blur out the faces...


5/04/2004 1:40pm,
Now that has some merit.

5/04/2004 1:41pm,
I got it...something for the Black Belt Club members. Bullshido.com Black Belt with that phrase Congratulations, you're mom's check cleared.

5/04/2004 5:22pm,
Personally I think mom's gotta do a bit more than just sign a check for a Sensei to give a kid his blackbelt...

Images of Forrest Gump come to mind...*snicker*

5/04/2004 6:20pm,
Let's make a bunch-a-diff'rent shirt. We sell 'em to the membership. And, use the funds generated to send representatives to kick *ss wherever needed. . .for challenges, minor skirmishes, and especially the aforementioned Bullshido artists.


Ronaka McDojo? *lol
(is Grimace attackproof?)
(is ashita kim hamm-burgler?)

5/04/2004 8:40pm,
How about we just worry about covering some of Phrost's costs dude?

Darting Fingers
5/04/2004 9:15pm,
m4949 thats some funny ****

5/04/2004 11:15pm,
How about having an official T-Shirt for those that go to the McThrowdowns. Bunyip's would be a great choice for such a shirt. You could even check the "the respect of my peers" box. :)

5/04/2004 11:16pm,
By the way, Phrost, are you going to print another batch of the Bullshido T-shirts? I was, as Red from "That 70's Show" would say, a dumb-ass. I waited too late to order mine. Now, I'm just a big fat loser. :'(