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6/07/2013 7:52pm,
Hello Bullshido;

I found the forums here very interesting and found myself wanting to add to a couple of discussions so I thought I'd join...

So hello :)

My background in MA includes some TKD as a kid and TKD/kickboxing as a young adult. I've also dabbled in WT previously (approx. 6 months training). I found BJJ when UFC started to get a bit of exposure down here (Australia) and trained in it for a few years before losing my way for a while.

I eventually found my "way" with Kyokushin, and trained exclusively in it for several years. I felt that I had found what I was looking for with Kyokushin; very few people "speak" in this style, but there is lots of "do". I saw it, didn't think I could do it, and resolved to try. I attained black belt a few years ago; a very proud moment for me.

My focus has shifted now somewhat. I still continue to train in Kyokushin and hope to do so until I'm old(er) and gray(er), but now (partly due to current employment) I have found myself gravitating towards more "reality based" training. I have also commenced aikido, as I have an interest in the japanese traditional styles and feel it would complement my previous "hard" training very effectively. I also still roll in BJJ just because I enjoy it and its effectiveness in certain scenarios is definitely beyond debate.

I have enjoyed my martial arts journey to date, and I owe much to my instructors that have been with me on the road so far. MA has seen me through some difficult times; break-ups, deaths and drug use being far from the least of these. I have suffered from anxiety and depression since I was a kid, and I credit kyokushin and the character and spirit it develops in the individual in teaching me how to manage this.

My personal philosophy on martial arts training is that you should have a "core", and it should be a hard one that deals in "live" training and has a strong conditioning aspect to it. Your training should leave you stronger mentally and physically than when you started it, and if you have any doubts you should confront them (and your style) immediately. All styles have gaps - certainly Kyokushin has some glaring ones - and so cross training or at least some exposure to other styles is a must for any complete martial artist, however I feel diligent training in the one style for a number of years is a must to build that strong "core" that the other styles can then be added to. I guess too it also depends on your goals in MA.

Well that's enough about me...

I hope to enjoy many conversations with you in the future, and if we can contribute to each others' growth this can only be a good thing :)

Happy training/posting and OSU!

6/07/2013 8:04pm,
Good introductory post, bro. We look forward to getting your insight where you think it is warranted.

Where are you in Australia?

Your views on live training are congruous to Bullshido. There have been changes, but from memory, kyukoshin karate is the only karate black belt Bullshido recognises with a tag. You will need to prove your black belt, which I imagine shouldn't be a problem, by sending something privately to a mod. Your tag will show you can authoritatively discuss matters of kyukoshin, karate and related topics without people saying "prove you have a black belt". It'll save you time down the track, believe me.

Check out this thread:

6/07/2013 9:04pm,
Welcome to Bullshido.

http://i1261.photobucket.com/albums/ii595/slamdunc1/MilitaryBanner_zpsd361578d.png (http://s1261.photobucket.com/user/slamdunc1/media/MilitaryBanner_zpsd361578d.png.html)

6/08/2013 1:36am,
thanks for the link battlefields - nice to know Kyokushin gets some kudos.

will pm you my location as I am scared of the internets.

Welcome to Bullshido.

cheers bro

edit: apparently I will not pm you as I am either too much of a noob or retarded. or both.

fuckit: i'm in Canberra dude.

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Welcome to bullshido, sounds like you'll have fun here

6/08/2013 9:37am,
fuckit: i'm in Canberra dude.

Don't worry, we won't hold that against you!

Actually, one of my lecturers had a black belt in karate, you don't happen to teach Commerce at ANU by any chance?

6/08/2013 10:05am,
G'day, welcome to Bullshido.

6/08/2013 5:07pm,
Not me though I did know the instructor who was set up at ANU for a while.

6/08/2013 5:29pm,
Not me though I did know the instructor who was set up at ANU for a while.

Haha, sweet. Well welcome to the site and see you on the boards.