5/19/2013 3:54pm,
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To all systema doubters listen up, you are RIGHT to not trust systema. The internet is full of people like Vadim Starov and Others who talk about how they can kill people without touching them, or knock someone out by shooting a bolt of energy at their internal organs (Vadim also said that). The history of systema is very complicated and many get confused with it, Systema originated in Russia around 1000 years ago. It was used by the Cossacks, who were well known for their hand-to-hand abilities. In the early 1900s the soviet union wanted to abolish all religion and things closely accociated with religion. Systema and all other RMA was very closely related with religion, and so it was mostly shut down. Throughout the years a few government groups adopted old RMA for military and espionage use, Systema included. Now to separate Systema for RMA is inaccurate, as they are one and the same, for after RMA was introduced into military use all previous MAs were united into Systema, or as it was classified with the Russian SF units, COMBAT SAMBO. The Systema you most likey have seen on the internet isnt original Systema, The Kind of Systema MR and VV teach has been modified by MR and VV to be taught and learn easily. They also added stuff about breathing and Chi like things which are very hard to grasp, that is why I say to EVERYONE: DO NOT LEARN ABOUT SYSTEMA THROUGH VIDEOS BY THEM. To learn what systema started as Google: Systema Kadochnikov. This is the style of Systema taught to The Russian SF and while MR and VV are teaching Systema, it has been changed and adapted to what MR thinks is better. Systema Kadochikov is Very effective and is kind of The "old style of Systema". It promotes relaxation but isnt extreme about it like MR version is. I have personaly also found that you can pretty much ignore all the stuff about energy, and breating isnt nearly as complicated as MR makes it sound. Kadochikov is the best Systema teacher along with Vladamir Vasiliev, DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT ASSHOLE VADIM STAROV!!!!!! HE GIVES SYSTEMA BAD NAME AND HE IS A FRAUD!!!!!!!

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Systema originated in Russia around 1000 years ago. It was used by the Cossacks, who were well known for their hand-to-hand abilities
Cite your sources for this claim please.

Here on Bullshido, you are required to back up your facts. Hearsay is not an acceptable source.

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In Soviet Russia accusation same as conviction same as execution.


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It Will Surely Help You Not To Be at a Loss in Extreme Situation



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Cite your sources for this claim please.

In Soviet Russia, sources cite YOU!