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5/06/2013 2:10pm,
So there I was, browsing craigslist for some new mats, and this add came up.


I thought it seemed a bit odd, so I checked out their website rocknrollbjj.com

This makes no mention of who teaches, how they are certified, or what credentials they have. They do mention they're training out of a house.

Here are some of their selling points:

Detailed, one-on-one instruction from an experienced, certified Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor and NASM Personal Trainer!
Cutting edge Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques, drills and exercises as taught to us by legends Rickson Gracie, Rigan Machado, Master Joe Moreira and Master Julio Cesar Pereira!

Their facebook page shows a bunch of 'sorry that class was canceled' messages, facebook.com/rocknrollbjj

I'm up north of LA with a sprained ankle, so I can't really go down and try their 'open mat'. (I'm also a bjj white belt, so I'm not qualified to judge a more skilled practitioner).

Does anyone have any more info on them? I've sent an email asking for clarification on their instructor(s?). It screams scam to me, but I could be wrong. Before I resort to any extreme tactics such as writing negative yelp reviews I was hoping that someone here could either provide me with more information about the studio, or tell me what else I need to do to get more information myself.


5/06/2013 3:26pm,
I'm not seeing anything suspect. The only thing that might be odd is that it was difficult finding the instructors name (on their web page anyway, a bit of google-fu fixed that). It appears to be Rich Zaydel who is pictured on the rnrbjj facebook wearing a brown belt with Joe Moreira, and on his personal FB here:


He seems to have a blog and a few youtube videos as well. Is there something specific you're questioning? If not, I'm not seeing anything. He doesn't list his lineage anywhere I could find, but he seems he trains under Moriera...

5/06/2013 3:35pm,
I was specifically questioning his lineage. Every other BJJ school I've ever looked at until now prominently displays who their instructors are, and who they're certified under. Nowhere on his website (that I found) does he display his name or lineage. I hadn't gone through his facebook pictures and I missed that link you found-thanks.

If he's a brown belt under Moreira then I'd consider this a non-issue, though I wonder why it's not on his site.

5/06/2013 3:46pm,
Who knows why that is, he has a youtube channel with videos from 2011 where he appears to be a purple belt at a Marcelo Carvalho Global Jiu Jitsu Academy. 2 years later he's wearing a brown next to Moreira. You'll have to ask him why he doesn't list his lineage.

5/06/2013 4:20pm,
I emailed him. I'll see what I get back. I'll mention the lack of credentials on the site also.

Presuming it matches up with what you found, I'll probably drop in for an open mat sometime once my ankle heals.

Back to trolling craiglist for mats then (it's incredible how expensive they are new...)

Thanks for your help.

7/27/2013 1:55pm,
I emailed him. I'll see what I get back. I'll mention the lack of credentials on the site also.

Presuming it matches up with what you found, I'll probably drop in for an open mat sometime once my ankle heals.

Back to trolling craiglist for mats then (it's incredible how expensive they are new...)

Thanks for your help.

Hey you guys, its Rich from RocknRollBJJ. First I would like to say thanks for looking into RocknRoll BJJ and for you guys giving me a fair shot. Second, I apologize if the ad came across misleading in any way.

Just a quick run down of my lineage. I started training BJJ around 1994 or '95 with none other than Rickson Gracie. A friend of mine, Pistol Pete Loncarevich talked me into trying jiu jitsu out. Pete was a blue belt at the time (He is now a Joe Moreira 3rd Black Belt) and took me with him to East LA to train with Rickson. I had never done a martial art before and I loved it and was immediately hooked. I trained with Rickson about 6 months but the drive was killing me. That is when I started training with Joe Moreira. He was right by the John Wayne airport in Orange County at the time. I trained with Joe for about a year or so and then life snuck up on me and soon I was too busy for jiu jitsu. I still trained sporadically, but not steady. Eventually, I ended up with no time to train and quit jiu jitsu for about eight years. I always missed it and would still grapple with friends on the grass after a couple beers or trained with Pete in his garage here or there, but nothing steady or official.

Around 2005 I got back into it again training at least a couple times a week. Joe Moreira was not available, but I began training at Global Jiu Jitsu under Gustavo Froes, a Joe Moreira black belt. I trained with Gustavo for about two years. He has amazing jiu jitsu and is a great freind and instructor. Gustavo taught at nights, but in 2007 I began working for myself and started training five days a week. Morning training worked best for me with my new schedule but Gustavo only taught the group classes at night. So, I began training with his Global Jiu Jitsu business partner and another Joe Moreira black belt Marcelo Carvalho. I trained hard with Marcelo and he was nice enough to make me his assistant and I began teaching under him as well. Eventually, Marcelo and Gustavo parted ways and I followed Marcelo to his new location. Marcelo began sharing a place with Joe Moreira so I was able to train under both of them.

Eventually they parted ways and because of the some great opportunities to teach I went with Marcelo to his new location. I trained with Marcelo until 2011 and he gave me my brown belt. I was given by brown belt instructor certification from Joe Moreira as well at Joe's separate belt ceremony. I would say I did the majority of my training with Marcelo even though Joe awarded me my brown belt. However, Joe and I are good friends and he would always call me to help him with his private lessons where I learned and still learn some amazing details!

When I was at Marcelo's, he had seminars all the time. We had regular visits from Rigan Machado, Eric Paulson, Rodolpho Veira, Denison Pilmento and countless other black belts from the GFTEAM!

I currently train at a number of different schools, but I officially train under Joe Moreira at his location in Irvine a couple times a week. I also have a giant home studio and mat space where I run RocknRoll BJJ and Fitness and I am lucky enough to know some high level players who come here on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays and roll with me. I have group classes, teach privates and also do most of my personal training here as well.

According to my last conversation with Joe, I receive my black belt this December! I am pretty excited, but don't want to count my chickens before they hatch!

Saturdays are open mats over here and you guys are all welcome anytime. Share technique, technical rolls and some good music. Hope to see some of you guys over here soon! Sorry for the Moby Dick of a reply. Hope I answered all your questions and concerns. Happy training.

www rocknrollbjj com