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4/29/2004 10:13pm,

4/29/2004 10:18pm,
Lol, they all do TKD, and talk about belts and stuff.

Reminds me of me when I was NEVER.

4/29/2004 10:19pm,
Oh my.

4/29/2004 10:44pm,
well , if it stops them from Dying , I suppose Tae-Bo is Self Defense agaist Ronald McDonald , after a fashion ...

Wounded Ronin
4/30/2004 12:15am,
Ok, I am SOOOOOOO frustrated at my sparring! I totally got my assed kicked last night. It seems like no matter how hard I try I just suck at it. I wish I had a way to practice at home. I want to be really good at it. I want to be the best in my belt ( at my class of course). I think my sensei's are thinking I am a complete idiot and not worth the time. All the sensei's came over to spar with me after they saw my frustration, but of course it is easy for them to get me. I usually end up sparring with the same guy because he is the only other one in my belt. He is about 6'4" abd about 220 pounds. I am 5'9" and 200 pounds, so we are pretty close. He is so quick that I can't get ANY strikes or kicks in. What do I do????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even had nightmares about it last night!


I don't really see the problem. Use sumo techniques.

Then again, *I* weigh 200 pounds....but then again I'm not obese, and I'm male.....

4/30/2004 8:53am,
....... do people think taekwondo=cardio kickboxing?

4/30/2004 8:57am,
I suppose Tae-Bo is Self Defense agaist Ronald McDonald , after a fashion ...


I don't really see the problem. Use sumo techniques.

Oh my god, you guys. Do you know how fucking jacked up this? Do you realize at the same time how fucking funny it is too?

much love
4/30/2004 12:30pm,
Are you sure they're not Wing Chun students?

4/30/2004 2:30pm,
Originally posted by Djimbe
well , if it stops them from Dying ,

Nope, they are all "post-op" TKDists. It seem Tae Kwon Do isn't even good enough to fight obesity.

I dunno about you guys, but their avatars are pretty hot.

4/30/2004 2:46pm,
the minority of them do TKD... they talk about Karate and Aikido more. But, like Djimbe says, if it keeps them from dying. (sorry for the lack of caps).

4/30/2004 2:49pm,
WOW, It's just...so good.

4/30/2004 2:52pm,
The "post-op" thing took a while to register...fatass transexuals doing Tae Kwon Do???

4/30/2004 2:55pm,
I think they've had their stomaches stapled or surgically reduced to force weight lose. Hence the one chicks fear of being hit in the stomache. It is actually kind of sad but at the same time admirable. At least they are doing something and not just getting fatter and fatter.

4/30/2004 2:57pm,

4/30/2004 3:46pm,
Europe wins :/

4/30/2004 10:34pm,
Hands down.