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Dave Reslo
3/31/2013 3:51pm,
There's really alot of good articles here showing opinions of the time, but I thought this was a particularly contempory issue, and the bit about savate made me laugh. There's a page on "pugilism" too, which is less interesting.

Eddie Hardon
4/01/2013 4:30am,
...and Cross-Buttocks Throws were allowed. Think of this as Hip Throw. :-)

The comment on Gentleman Jackson on the quality of his Manners is true; as is the teaching of Aristos in his quarters. They could afford it and he was sought after to teach.

If he was on 1,000 per year - then he was Rich. 10 a year was deemed sufficient in that period. Yes, people were damned poor.

Just up the road from me is Highgate Cemetery. Apart from Marx and Faraday, it holds the grave of Tom Sayer, Champion Prizefighter. His hearse was followed by some 25,000 - which gives a clue as to his popularity and renown.

4/02/2013 1:55pm,
There really is some good stuff in it, but it's showing its age.

Peace favor your sword,