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4/29/2004 11:30am,
Have any of you guys had an instructor / teacher who said something that has stayed with you for the rest of your training days?

My first ju jitsu instructor had a few, including the gems "pain rules", and "when in doubt, throw."

One of my uncles back in the Phils, who claimed to be a grandmaster ( along with every other old man in my village ) said to me "you teach me japanese style, I teach you pilipine style".

Any others?

4/29/2004 11:32am,
Pain is a weakness leaving the body.

4/29/2004 12:23pm,
Originally posted by SamHarber
Pain is a weakness leaving the body.

Everyone says that one.

My instructor did the classic "you're screwed speech" before my first fight. [thai accent] This man have only couple fights, maybe only 30 fights [/thai accent]

Ooooh, the best one was "If you no drop him, you no come back to my corner".

4/29/2004 12:23pm,
Lie on the floor, and no one gets hurt.

4/29/2004 12:39pm,
Don't get your ass kicked.

Dr. Fagbot Q. MacGillicuddy, PhD
4/29/2004 12:41pm,
"we meditate for a month, and then hit the showers. do you like these scented candles?"

4/29/2004 12:41pm,
- Don't catch a train on the way to a party
- Don't go to a party where everyone is a blackbelt.

I always follow these rules. You should too.

4/29/2004 12:51pm,
Highkicks are pretty but if you hit nothing but air, your opponent will at best catch a cold

Omega Supreme
4/29/2004 12:55pm,
Best block don't be there
Never hunt a shark in the water
A tree is only as strong as its roots
What are you stupid?
What are you doing, I didn't show you that!
You kick like a wet noodle.
My grandmother kicks better than you and she's dead.

4/29/2004 12:56pm,
"fighters are made, not born"
"the more you sweat, the less you bleed"
"punches in bunches"

4/29/2004 1:00pm,
The Grandmaster of my style of Aikido (Tim Waters 6th Dan, Fuji Ryu Aikido) regarding my ukemi demonstration at a teaching seminar we had.

"Like a ball, Colin. Not a brick!"

4/29/2004 1:00pm,
"How come so lousy?"

4/29/2004 1:01pm,
(during some shadowboxing) What are you fighting? A giant??

Stop painting the walls and start punching. (in case of sloppy hooks and uppercuts)

That's a punching bag, not a pushing bag.

When he hits you, just hit him back. Just make sure you hit him last.

When I say we will practice a certain combo, don't always do what I say or your partner will start expecting it.

When your partner leaves a hole in his defence, hit him. Next time, hit him harder. Eventually he will block.

Good breathing is important, but don't breath harder than you're punching.

4/29/2004 1:29pm,
"various portuguese swears" followed by " Smash the fucker, or he smash you!"

4/29/2004 1:46pm,
"It doesn't matter so much exactly what you do as long as you do something other than what you did" (practicing choke escape)

"Excellent focus, work on control" (During sparring when my opponent deflected a committed punch that whacked an equipment rack that fell to pieces)

4/29/2004 1:48pm,
Not particularly deep but both these are on the door at my gym:

"It'll be fine, put tape on it."
"Let the Hater be your Motivator."