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4/29/2004 9:17am,
Hey all,

Have a bout coming up in about a month. I know the dude hates my guts and would love to pound the ever living **** out of me ( something about his ex ).

I've been practising ju jitsu for about 18 years, and started arnis and tong long about 2 years ago.

He has been doing BJJ and wing chun for about 5 years.

I am 5'8", 150 pounds.

He's about 5'10", 176 pounds. Mostly flab but he definately has the strength advantage.

Any tips? Hoping to use his emotions to my advantage if I can.

4/29/2004 9:31am,
Tips? Call the fight off, dude.
If you have ground experince - great. If not, well.. ??????

put it this way: Strength advantage + Ground advatage = BIG advantage.

4/29/2004 9:32am,
Work a lot on takedowns, getting top posistion, and striking from it.

Don't be suprised if he catches you in a sub.

Good luck.

PS. He's thrown you a lifeline by doing WC.

4/29/2004 9:38am,
The ju jitsu allows me to hold my own on the ground, but I prefer not to go there if I can help it. Prefer fast hand techniques. The tong long vs wing chun should be interesting though.

4/29/2004 9:45am,
have you grappled a BJJ guy before ?

Are you exceptional at takedown defense ?

4/29/2004 9:50am,
Is this a bout like in a tournament, or a "bout" like you huys are going out back and throwing down? Cause either way, I and, likely, everyone would love to see some video.

As for tips? Uh, well, I guess, try not to go to the ground. Hope that helps.

4/29/2004 9:50am,
I don't really know anything about Tong Long (praying mantis style??). Wing Chun, however - You can pretty much rely on the fact that he will be a headhunter. Perhaps use boxing-type punches, to try and keep him at the end of your reach. In REALLY close - your Ju-jitsu should help you just fine - but just outside of grappling range, just inside of maximum punching range, Wing Chun can be a bitch. His punches will likely be fast, but WC punches are a bit shorter range than boxing-style punches. Try to take advantage of that.

He'll likely be protecting his centreline well, so perhaps go for the side of his body?

4/29/2004 9:53am,
We regularly get BJJ guys coming in to roll at our club, and so far I've never had a problem submitting them ( I've had my fair share though ). Love takedown defense.

4/29/2004 9:55am,
Well you sound like your all set then.

What do you usually catch the BJJers with ? Just out of interest ?

4/29/2004 9:59am,
To be honest? The basics - RNC, ude gatame, ude garame, scissor chokes. Guess it's because they're the first ones I ever learned and now they're totally imprinted on my brain during the scuffle.

4/29/2004 10:02am,
Yer, the basics always work well under pressure.

Good luck.

4/29/2004 10:06am,
Thanks man. Usually at tourneys I like to observe my opponents in the lead up fights before I compete against them, but unfortunately I don't have that luxury this time.

4/29/2004 10:20am,
Any link to tournament info? I'm curious about the ruleset and stuff.

4/29/2004 10:21am,
A bout as in a legit, on the mat deal. Yes, tong long as in praying mantis. Will remember the range issues, thanks KFC - I'll definately be trying to stay in a range to suit my needs. Tong long has definately taught me to utilise my knees, plams and elbows to a good degree - that's what I think I'll be doing when he goes wing chun all over me. Hope it works dammit.

4/29/2004 10:23am,
Not as far as I know WS, but I'll definately be looking into it. Ruleset? Australian NAS but with kness, elbows and grappling allowed.

4/29/2004 10:26am,
Kojindo: Something else just occured to me. Many Wing Chun guys drag their feet as they move. Moving around lots may work to your advantage.