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4/29/2004 2:27am,
If you want something practical, like if you're gonna get into a street fight or something, take TKD.

From here (http://www.penny-arcade.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=2330650#2330650).
In the one place I thought was safe...

4/29/2004 2:34am,
and thus is how TKD gets to be so popular

4/29/2004 2:37am,
Jesus Christ, the TKD bashing is old-hat as it is.

4/29/2004 2:42am,
I wasn't really bashing TKD, only that particular idiotic perception of it.

4/29/2004 2:59am,
Is Templar a troll? He has 3 dodgy MAs listed in his style, and now he criticizes someone for calling obvious bullshido. Maybe he found a good school for each of his arts, but that would put him in a tiny minority.
We all know TKD has the highest number of McDojos, and this Could9 guy is recommending it for self defence...as in, he's telling people they will be able to defend themselves with TKD. It's just irresponsible of him.
I would not have been hostile to him though; hostility makes people irrationally defensive. You have to be subtle and show them the light, not blind them with it.

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4/29/2004 3:07am,
Unless you're living in a really large city and you managed to find a good place to train TKD, Aikido, and a real place to become a Ninja then you better hit up the lotto.

4/29/2004 3:37am,
I think I've been pretty decent with selecting where I've been getting my training. Those three styles I've received training in at different places. The bujinkan I've been taught has been in a fairly open environment, and they welcome me to challenge all the stuff they teach, so they're definitely being kept honest. If anything, training with them helps me keep the rust off. My aikido was taught by a 6th dan who studied about 12-16 years in Japan, and just by listening to him and seeing how he moved you can tell he's a very good practicioner of the style. He'd teach you the moves but also the history, metaphors, etc behind the moves. As a plus, he'd also teach us how to wield a katana (which you gotta admit it's at least cool). My TKD was a little sports oriented than I would've liked (it was my initial style, so sue my newness), but the speed, reflexes, and striking technique I gained I feel are not a waste. I think TKD gets a lot of **** needlessly. I mean, TKD DOES have a lot of McDojos, however, it also has a lot of dojos, period. It's confirmation bias, really. If you feel TKD has a lot of McDojos, there's a fuckload of them to choose from, however, that's ignoring the decent schools out there. It took me 6 years to get to the point I was testing for a black belt in TKD. There were no retarded fees, there was a black belt club, but that was basically I agree to train until I get a black belt instead of paying monthly fees, and basically this means in the long run I saved a fuckload of bling. Testing for black included making your own kata, a 3 mile timed jog, and other stuff like that that escapes me now.

4/29/2004 3:50am,
Hey if you look up you see me the FCF logo dude. But yeah I have tried to reason with those guys before even challenged a guy who thought TKD was "5r337 L3THAL." I say let them do as they wish and god forbid they ever get into a fight.