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3/08/2013 2:18am,
It was tough trying to describe this story within the word limit of a Thread title.

This commando is using the experiences he had trying to use his martial arts training when clearing Taliban compounds (like hide and seek but the guys your playing with are fighting for their lives).

"Out of that event I realised that what we're teaching is north compared to south ... so I reconstructed the entire CQF (close-quarter fighting) program," he said.

"The outcome is going to be exactly what you train for so if you train to submit someone, then a submission is what you're going to do but if you've got someone fighting for their life they don't care if you break their arm.

"Their arm just breaks and they keep fighting so you have to, in your mind, train for the end state that you want whether that's killing someone or just subduing and placky-cuffing (plastic handcuffs) them."

Sgt Cale said his martial arts training had saved his life on that below -20 degree night in the restive Chora region (Diggers regard the valley as the "badlands").

"At the end of that I hated martial arts," he said.

"I sat back and thought all civilian martial arts were bullshit.

"Then I realised ... the reason I survived was the martial arts."

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national-news/killer-commando-america-poaches-australias-toughest-man/story-fncynjr2-1226592161560#ixzz2MrEbTNYB

The article goes on but it gets vague about secret training methods or something. As far as I can tell the message is train more Combat sports.

Bored, and don't know what to do? Just train more combat sports.

Thinking about reading a book? No, train more combat sports instead.

Have to do close quarter combat training that may or maybe not fail you in a life or death situation??

Don't worry about it, train combat sports instead.

PTSD? Train Combat sports instead.

With this as the Gospel truth, and you are willing to stand by this secret new training design, then everything else should turn out better than expected.

Also video:


3/08/2013 5:00am,
This is a realization of something that is fairly common. In WWII Fairbairn and the like trained combatives. After the war? The need was reduced, so martial arts started to prolifer. It's a common cycle. Ten years after these wars end, combative knowledge will start to fade until the next conflict. Then, someone new will have a similar epiphany and the cycle will repeat.