View Full Version : Miller Bros Blades - Short Sword

3/07/2013 9:01am,
This just caught my eye on another forum.


Looks pretty bad ass IMHO.

3/07/2013 10:15am,
HOLY COW!!! I just checked the prices on these bad boys. $1.1K!!! One could get two Angus Trim swords for that price and still have some money left over.

Mr. Machette
3/07/2013 12:33pm,
I like the modernised gladius concept, but dang brother! That price is insane!

WTH? Is is forged from meteoric iron in the heart of a dying star or something? Was it first discovered loged in a stone only to be extracted by the one true heir? Does it glow and vibrate in the presence of goblin kind?

That steel is very impressive and there's no disputing the efficacy of the ancient (and massive body count boasting) gladius sword. But when it comes to a large utility blade there are a LOT of more reasonably priced options. Even among the "exotic steel, handmade, costs three thumbs and a vial of unicorn tears" knife world.