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3/25/2012 4:28pm,
Howdy guys. I posted this on another forum and thought I'd post it here as it had a lot of 'likes' on the other site........

I figured a lot of people would still be looking at this forum as of this date (26/3/2012) so I thought I would post my own 2 cents. I have trained at all Adelaide BJJ clubs bar one however have had training partners that have trained at all BJJ gyms.

Without bagging out any clubs, I personally found that while many are great, all had major drawbacks especially for students from the south of Adelaide. I actually ended up contacting Darren Cartwright who has/runs a gym out north. Long story short, I was making the 1.5hr drive each way to train there because of his knowledge and ZERO EGO of his students......Everyone claims that their clubs don't have ego but I havent seen it until now........

Well good news for southern bjj guys in Adelaide....There is now a BJJ gym in Seaford (opened late last year/early this year when I started training there). Darren Cartwright heads it up under his Terrafirma branding under the Will Machado network. It is a big industrial warehouse with a ton of matting and also weight equipment etc.

Darren's phone number is 0410816228. Training is most days but ring Darren cos I dont know the exact address or timetable off the top of my head.

Hope my post helps out some down south BJJ players! Happy rolling.

2/10/2013 10:46pm,
Hi Guys,

I have just opened up a brand new BJJ club in Adelaide down south at Seaford. As a long time student of John Will, and accredited instructor under John and the Will-Machado BJJ system, I thought I would open a gym to cater to those not willing to drive into the city and who would rather train less than 1km from the beach!

We have a ton of brand new 40mm mats (not usual 20mm variety) and have an excellent student base. I strive to cater the gym mostly to white through purple belt students and provide a fun, friendly and informative culture. What you will not find at this gym is hyper-competitive, ego driven, injury riddled training environments because my two prioirites are that 1: everyone has fun and 2: everyone progresses as fast as possible towards their next belt ranking.

If you would like to try BJJ or are coming from another club, please give me a buzz on m0404 263 700 and I will arrange a time to meet with you before class and introduce you to the students. Of course, your first lesson is free and we would love you to join our training family.

Hope my post helps out some down south BJJ players! Happy rolling.

Tom Davey
m0404 263 700

2/10/2013 11:13pm,
Oh, by the way. The new Seaford gym is called "South Coast BJJ".
I look forward to training with some Bullshido forum members soon. (-: happy rolling.

2/14/2013 6:57pm,
Hi guys.

My new website for South Coast BJJ in Seaford south of Adelaide is now up


Happy rolling everone

2/15/2013 10:53pm,
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