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Toby Christensen
4/28/2004 5:41am,
A few years ago, I antagonised one of my former support workers into challenging me to a boxing match (I conceded. His technique was superior, owing to the fact he had boxed for Queensland.)

Then we had a grappling match (he knew judo, some wrestling and a touch of aikido). I won.

Why did I accept his challenge? Because it would mitigate all the bad blood between us.

The rules of the grappling match were:

1. No biting
2. No hits to the balls
3. When the supervisor (a large scary man) yelled 'Break' we were to disengage immediately.

If people in the general community could arrange similar stoushes, it would stop STR33Tfighting and bring a harder edge to Australian society.

All in all, thoroughly satisfying and a great workout.

4/28/2004 5:44am,
Yey, that super !

4/28/2004 6:51am,
Aren't you paraplegic?

Toby Christensen
4/28/2004 6:58am,
No Tevplar. I'm diplegic (lower body spasticity)

4/28/2004 7:01am,
Pardon my ignorance, but what does that mean?

Toby Christensen
4/28/2004 7:07am,
I have stiffness and inflexibility in my lower half past my manbits, starting at my lower back and extending to my feet

4/28/2004 7:12am,
I though you had CP

4/28/2004 7:18am,
are you "mates" now?

Toby Christensen
4/28/2004 7:27am,
Originally posted by drunkenj
I though you had CP

I do. That's the KIND of CP I have.