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12/19/2012 6:28am,
Hi Bullies!!

Found this article I wanted to share -

James Mason, from Essex, was 39 stone when doctors told him he had five years to live
By the time he was 27, he was wearing XXXXXXXXL clothes and trousers with a 58-inch waist
But now, thanks to a Thai boxing camp, he is less than half the man he was


Funny how he shares the same name as the character from CoD:Black Ops!

12/19/2012 7:36am,
Sounds interesting. Link fail, though.


Just goes to show what a good diet and full time dedication to physical activity can do for a man.

12/19/2012 7:53am,
It fails because you have to replace hxxp with http and as am a Noob I didn't think I was allowed to post Hyper Links.

12/19/2012 7:55am,
You're not allowed to post pointless links that aren't accompanied by some explanation. But you can most certainly post links.

Personally next time I reccomend posting a little bit more about your thoughts on the article and its relevence, but you did alright.