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11/26/2002 10:05pm,

"Gentlemen! No fighting in here! This is the War Room."

11/26/2002 10:22pm,
This already makes it suspect:

This is the ONLY program offered to men, women and children which incorporates both the self-defence AND the healing aspects of a martial arts system.

Moving on from there ...

Survival Stress Management, using CMT techniques to control a physiological defect where most people's brain activity shuts down when the adrenaline-induced heart rate increases to 145 beats per minute, so that the exponent can co-ordinate and respond to the situation and deal with it effectively.

Say what?

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

11/26/2002 10:39pm,
Well it must be great if all it takes is two 3 hour sessions to compelete, right?

William Cheung isn't really my favorite guy. He's one of the guys that give Kung Fu a bad name. But in truth can you really blame the guy? The stuff HE was taught was probably just as weird and nonfunctional. Now with all the McDojo crap around he HAS to make up some stuff that at least SOUNDs different in order for the guy to even make a living.

11/26/2002 10:43pm,
Heh he .. hey PeeDee this is "one of the deadliest men in the world" don't you know?!?

Check out what he can do to a grappler

Against multiple attackers

and a gun!!

"Gentlemen! No fighting in here! This is the War Room."

11/26/2002 11:40pm,
I love how in the "Multiple Attackers" one, the guys are coming at him one at a time.

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

11/26/2002 11:44pm,
And he keeps throwing the damned sticks away after his disarms!

"Gentlemen! No fighting in here! This is the War Room."

11/27/2002 12:17am,
Those are nonsense

11/27/2002 12:31am,
Well along with other Grandmasters he himself claims to be "the last closed door student of yip man". He has recently taken 99% of those claims down, but even still he is like 1 of 4 people who claim/ed this.

The most ironic thing is that he came out with the "real" wing chun moving after the Boztepe "challenge".

"But some apes they gotta go, so we kill the ones we don't know" - 'Ape shall never kill Ape' by The Vandals

11/29/2002 3:51am,
In response to peedee, william wasn't taught that bullshit that he is teaching. William is smart. He is a good scam artist. He was a good fighter when he was younger back in hong kong and when he first went to australia. Yip Man didn't teach him that ****. Wong Sheung Leung was the best wing chun guy up until he died and he never came out with any bullshit like William. He was just quietly one of the most deadly men in the world. The ones with the real skills don't go around bragging about them. Yip Man did not teach anybody everything that he knew. And if you knew anything about wing chun then you would have a little more respect for it and Yip Man. Yip Man was big on expecting you to find things out for yourself. He figured you would eventually learn the right way to do something and if not then you don't deserve to. Believe it or not, when William was young, he actually taught some good stuff when he first went to australia. One of his original students was a guy named Rick Spain. He is pretty well respected in WC. It got to a point where Rick got so good that William wouldn't teach him the good stuff anymore so Rick left his organization. William even said publicly that he would not want to fight Rick because he might lose. After that, William quit teaching his good stuff. That was quite a while ago. And if you don't do your real **** then you lose it. It is kind of funny that Boztepe went after William rather than his top student Rick. Rick would have handed Boztepe his scrotum. I am not a William Cheung guy at all but he taught Rick some of his best stuff. Now he teaches **** that tarnishes the reputation of wing chun like most of the assholes out there.

12/01/2002 4:06am,
Quick side note here. I work security at an American Indian casino in Southern California. A few weeks ago I was involved in a fight where I got hit, so I was required to undergo an evaluation by a staff EMT. About 15 minutes after the fight my heart rate was 168. My resting heart rate is 60. Not only was my brain not shut down, I thought that I was rather witty. Also I functioned as I was supposed to in the crisis and am not aware that I stopped thinking at any time. I've been in many other situations where my heart rate was not documented, but I have always had pretty good cognition at those times. It's all down to training and preparation, not some funky secret technique.

12/01/2002 4:10am,
Isn't it nice how the multiple attackers all wait their turns?

12/01/2002 4:54am,
No matter what you study, you are never going to learn from a book. Chueng knows this. I think that what he teaches in books, and what he teaches in person are two different things. Let the people who think they can get over by getting a $20 book, learn a $20 self defense. The system is sound, even if his commercialization is not.

12/01/2002 7:56am,
That multiple attacker scenario looked lloks scary. I think any smart human being would have ran.

12/01/2002 5:29pm,
I think its just silly to say that Cheung didn't teach him "The good stuff". What exactly IS the good stuff? Something nobody else here has seen? Is it something revolutionary that if brought out to the public would change martial arts?


12/08/2002 5:43am,
Well peedee, what exactly do you know about wc. have you tried it, seen it on tape, WHAT? trying to explain to you what "The Good Stuff" is would really be pointless because of your one-sided views.

12/08/2002 5:43am,
Well peedee, what exactly do you know about wc. have you tried it, seen it on tape, WHAT? trying to explain to you what "The Good Stuff" is would really be pointless because of your one-sided views.