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12/02/2012 2:27am,
I hate introductions so I'll get this done with as painlessly as possible.
I did some Judo as a part of High School (as an extension to Japanese studies) however I didn't really get interested at the time, possibly because it was watered down, likely because it was part of school and anything connected with that has to be boring right?

Anyway several months ago, while stumbling around the internet. I managed to find my way to Bullshido.net and after lurking for the rest of the year I finally decided to get my feet wet and started going through the local schools. After doing a couple of free trials I signed up with the local BJJ/MMA/MT establishment... and yeah; that's where this narrative hits the present. Just thought I might as well stop lurking and sign up a username here, so um Hey!

12/02/2012 7:52am,
Welcome to Bullshido.


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12/03/2012 4:59pm,
G'day Tauly, welcome to the site.

Whereabouts in SEQ are you based?

12/03/2012 8:20pm,
Hey, thanks.
I'm in a small town a bit north of Beaudesert.