View Full Version : Time for Billie Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs to Come to MMA?

11/28/2012 6:25am,
How 'bout it, folks? Has women's MMA progressed to the point where we can have a handicapped match between a male competitor and a female one? Who do you propose and with what handicap? Model examples from other "sports": Billie Jean King vs Bobby Riggs in Tennis. She defends the singles court; he defends the doubles court, is very old, and is Bobby Riggs (actual). Annika Sorenstam vs Tiger Woods in Golf. She hits from Ladies' tees; he has to play while she reminds him of his ex-wife (hypothetical).


My proposal:

Female: Cristiane Cyborg. Handicap: Allowed to take anything she wants during training.


Male: David "Tank" Abbott. Handicaps: Allowed to consume anything he wants during "training;" in honor of many short notice UFC appearances, is not informed of the fight in advance, or at the time of, or at any point during, the fight.

Who would win?

Do you have better (more fair) contestants / handicaps?

Is Annika Sorenstam hot? From the back? While she's pregnant? What's wrong with you?

11/28/2012 9:04am,
Billie Jean King vs. Joe Riggs.


11/28/2012 4:57pm,
Billie Jean King vs. Joe Riggs.


:grinning: Good start! But what's the handicap? And take it easy doing nitrites! More that a few grams a day can be fatal.