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10/22/2012 5:26pm,
Has anyone heard of this place it's on Congress. I called and the guy was pretty evasive and avoided lineage questions. They claim to be the oldest martial arts dojo in Austin and that they win a lot of state and local grappling tournaments. They have great prices so I that kind of raises a red flag....I am on kind of a tight budget 50-80 bucks so I am trying to find a place that is cheaper but still good. I live in South Austin----I am looking for something that has stand-up and groundfighting if possible..Any suggestions are welcomed

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Why don't you go visit? You also need to find a place where the atmosphere and training partners are right for you.


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Since you're back here, welcome to Bullshido. What kind of training experience do you have?

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I am completely new to it, so I nervous about wasting my time

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Welcome to Bullshido.

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I am completely new to it, so I nervous about wasting my timeAustin is a major-market; there are sure to be numerous schools there with legitimate, qualified instructors. Do a thread search here and you may find something that has already been rated. At any rate, if you research the other categories here, you will easily learn the signs of a McDojo or schools that teach substandard stuff.

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10/22/2012 6:49pm,
I don't know them but they state that they are a Japanese Jujutsu school. As to competition, I can't say that I recognize them from any of the local grappling tournaments. That isn't to say that they don't go, it's just that most of the groups I know through that are explicitly BJJ, judo or SAMBO. It may be that their kids program provides a majority of their competitors. In south Austin you have a ton of choices. We, Blackmonk and I, are at South Austin Gym (http://www.southaustingym.com) on the corner of Manchaca and Stassney. We have kickboxing, judo and SAMBO. The price is a little higher than the 50-80 range but we are also a full gym.

You also have Rubicon (http://www.rubiconfightsport.com/), Paragon (http://www.paragonaustin.com/) which is solid as all get out. Relson Gracie (http://www.gracieaustin.com/) is also an option and we have several members on this site that have trained there.Austin Fitness Martial Arts (http://www.austinfitnessmartialarts.com) is on S 1st also. I can't speak to any of these places pricing and I wouldn't want to speculate.

If you are looking for something a little more club oriented, Kokoro Judo Club meets at the Salvation Army on Cumberland on Thursdays and Saturdays and is 20-40 a month, I believe.

Check all these places out and see what fits you and your budget best. I'd love to have you come by our place and check us out on Tuesday or Thursday. Class starts at 6 and ends at 8.

10/23/2012 7:15am,
I've seen this website before. Lots of kids holding medals and posed photos that probably came from ancient judo texts they got from the library. Oh and the page title says BJJ.

Probably sub-par and there are much better grappling schools here listed above (i'm at Relson Gracie Austin and ocassionally Kokoro Judo). I'm in Austin for another couple weeks though so if you're really interested, i'll go with you, roll with them, and give you a real answer.

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10/23/2012 7:36am,
I'm in Austin for another couple weeks though so if you're really interested, i'll go with you, roll with them, and give you a real answer.
Take him up on this offer.