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11/25/2002 9:03pm,
From time to time we examine the traffic to the site to see where you guys are coming from, and to keep up to date on the martial arts/mixed martial arts community in general.

In the process, we come across, frankly, some strange crap.

For example, here are a few of the search phrases used on search engines like google.com and yahoo, that bring up this site in the results:

*ripley's skydive into a plane (uhh... must be a TKD technique)

*"blow to the testicles" (don't know if this was supposed to be porn or pain)

*kangaroo boxing (one of the many questionable styles of fighting I take it)

*muay thai beating the crap out of tkd (always a favorite)

*streetfighter pictures (hey Streetfighter... you're famous!)

*matt furey sucks (hey now!)

*being popular (we can show you how in just 10 easy lessons!)

*rottie world (I'm guessing they were looking for Rottweilers)

*jean claude van damme training schedule (because he keeps us updated regularly)

*kicked in groin (apparently we're well known for this)

And here are a few of the links that are leading people here (for some of these, hope you're multi-lingual):





11/25/2002 9:29pm,
That koicombat site is fun. Scroll down the weird symbols (is that Cyrillic?) and just pick out the english stuff. Hilarious.

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

I Give BJJs
11/26/2002 7:00am,
typing in "I Give BJJs" in Google gets you here also.........mainly because I rule over everything.