View Full Version : Cormier / Mir is a No-Go

Scut Farkus
9/19/2012 11:53am,

Frank Mir is injured. Looks like a knee. We'll have to wait and see who turns out to be the replacement.

Werdum has volunteered. And Big Country. And.....Arlovski...barf.

Also, Jon Jones called to duck the fight before realizing it wasn't in his weight class.

9/19/2012 1:56pm,
Werdum would be the most enticing matchup of those three. His improved standup, reach advantage and BJJ should be able to take him to victory, although I still favour the man who bodyslammed Barnett to wrestleskullfuck him to a comfortable decision victory.

Nelson would be a fun fight, but he's even more rotund than Cormier and would probably get pimpslapped standing. Not a very good builder-upper for Cormier either as Nelson's not as well regarded a fighter as he used to be.

Arlovski would get get knocked out touching gloves before the fight. Chin gone, skills not evolved.

9/20/2012 11:32am,
Damn! I was looking forward to that. Mir has a lot of skills, but Cormier is such a beast that moves alarmingly fast for a big guy. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.