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Wounded Ronin
4/22/2004 11:50am,
Since Osiris brought this up in the Ashida Kim, I thought I'd post the link to the resurrected Sanctuary of Development board.


I just wanted to know how well people can do telekinesis. I kinda suck at it, i think i'll start practicing again.

So just say pretty much what you can do with your Tk, and how long u've been doing actual TK practice(not including ur other training).


4/22/2004 11:56am,
dude, I got a headache from trying to make the Telekenisis thread go away. What a bunch of loonies!

4/22/2004 12:02pm,
What are you talking about? I can do telekinesis, really!
All I have to do is tell my brother to get me a coffee, and he does! I don't lift a fucking finger. Ain't that some ****. It's mind over matter.

4/22/2004 12:05pm,
It gets worse.... this idiot Mobius

I have been studying martial arts through psychology, learning what actions take greatest affects. I may not have gone to a japanese ninjitsu school of martial arts, but everyday i build up more information on how people think and react. I beleive studying in one school and mastering it is generally a waste of time, becasue it is so inefficient in learning how to fight. So I learn how to take down my enemies and unarm them, with specific self made techs.

Check out my site at Ki For Conflict

has his own message board on which Bullshido has its own forum (http://s6.invisionfree.com/KiForConflict/index.php?showforum=9)

4/22/2004 3:02pm,
These tools never quit, huh?

4/22/2004 3:26pm,
Glad to see you're back in the game, Hap :D

4/22/2004 3:31pm,
Originally posted by tkdan28
It gets worse.... this idiot Mobius has his own message board on which Bullshido has its own forum (http://s6.invisionfree.com/KiForConflict/index.php?showforum=9)

Good for us!!!

The worst that could happen is one of those idiots would come here and get blasted off. The best thing that could happen is that one of those idiots could come here and WAKE TFU.

4/22/2004 3:33pm,
Paging Gimpface to thread 11797! Gimpface to thread 11797!

Omega Supreme
4/22/2004 3:34pm,
My telekenesis is pretty bad but my Jedi mind tricks are top!

4/22/2004 3:49pm,
I normally find that women with pert breasts have a "Jedi Mind Trick" effect on me... For some reason ?


4/23/2004 9:50am,
Did anyone here ever read the ki sites when they would talk about a big war in the astral planes?

god damn it was so lame

4/23/2004 9:58am,
Hehe I like these attacks at retarded forums. Unfortunately I've missed the first downfall of the ki-warriors but I like Osiris' description of the stealthy way of killing it.

Wounded Ronin
4/24/2004 1:39pm,
That Kenshi guy....he's a real character.

4/26/2004 12:55am,
I can do tk & jedi mt. . .
I gave my wife "the eye" as she walked into the kitchen. Ten minutes later, my son comes home with a 28oz 1/2 coke, 1/2 strawberry slurpee. Ahhhhh. . .

(too bad I can't make it work at werk)


4/26/2004 1:09am,
kaiyoken, lol!!!!


Wounded Ronin
4/26/2004 1:18am,
From that thread:

Every (if not all, allot of) radical technique comes down to visualizing, thus all you have to do is use your imagination

If you believe hard enough, it really really happens! I swear!