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4/22/2004 8:14am,
I just wanted to put this out there. Now keep in mind, to those who have done BJJ for awhile, this is no big news, but this is aimed more at the strikers. I have been doing martial arts for about 12 years, but BJJ for only a couple of months and I have figured out a few things. The vast majority of the anti-grappling doesn't work. Yes that...even that...certainly that...The swing the legs up and hook the person mounting you mount escape - nope. Groin grabs - nope. Eye gouges - nope. While mounted, attempting to grab the groin results in you not getting that hand back. Trying it while in the guard results in the other arm being used to choke the snot out of you. Eye gouge??? Reach up to do it - broken arm - try it in close - Kimura. Hooking him while throwing your legs up - usually just gives him more stuff to lock or break. Hitting him on the way in as he shoots - not in a million years - there is a better chance of a pig wrapped in $100 bills falling from the sky and landing at your feet. I just thought if this came from someone with a striking background it may be a little easier for some to swallow. I will be the first to admit that many MMAers and BJJers have the sensitivity of chainsaw when it comes to sparing our traditional feelings. Just my 2 cents. Tear apart at will :)

4/22/2004 8:17am,

any good BJJ schools north of atl GA?

4/22/2004 8:20am,
You're correct. It's pretty much common sense though.

4/22/2004 8:25am,
Hey, did anyone see Dan Henderson vs Renzo Gracie in Pride 13?

4/22/2004 8:29am,
Over 10 years ago: strikers need to learn grappling
after 2 years: grapplers need to learn striking

Welcome to 2004 BDKFBJJ

4/22/2004 8:33am,
well...euhm...I would...euhm...Grappling is not allowed! :D

4/22/2004 8:33am,
There is a time an place for those things. If you stand there and try to punch the guy trying to take you down, you deserve what's coming. Eye gouges and groin shots are what everyone immediately goes to about how to beat a grappler. You can't just try it any old time. There is a time and place. BJJ and MMA aren't the be all, end all that some folks think it is. It is a skill set. do with it what you will. Some do great things with, some just think they can. Just because those things don't seem to work for you right now, doesn't mean they are no good, you just have to figure out how to do them. Grapplers will sneak locks or chokes up on you, those types of attacks are no different. Get sneaky. (tip toes away very sneakly)

4/22/2004 8:37am,
Being "sneaking" without knowing what the hell you're doing is a sure fire way to get your ass beat.

4/22/2004 9:10am,
sniffs---- I Smell TROLL

or a retard, one of the two

4/22/2004 9:43am,
Well spoken...Very well spoken Indeed. Your post is worthy enough of being a sig. And f#@k Muqatil, he doesn't know what the F#@k he is talking about.

4/22/2004 9:52am,
Astute observation Guerrero. Sigh. Completely missed the point. No sweat though. some peolpe can't or won't.

Wounded Ronin
4/22/2004 10:13am,
I've seen hooking the head with the legs work.


Except never more than once or twice on a given person. After people catch on to that trick it just dosen't seem to work anymore.

4/22/2004 10:19am,
Grapplers misconceptions: all strikers are idiots

Peter H.
4/22/2004 10:21am,
Originally posted by Wounded Ronin
I've seen hooking the head with the legs work.
Except never more than once or twice on a given person. After people catch on to that trick it just dosen't seem to work anymore.

Same with an eye gouge, my buddy Mike is a straight wrestler, put me in an RNC once, I eye gouged out. Second time he got me locked in, he kept his head down, so I couldn't gouge him. But it goes like that with most techniques/strategies, you learn, or you just keep getting your ass handed to you.

4/22/2004 10:25am,
Anti-grappling seems best done by grapplers. . .


4/22/2004 10:31am,
Yeah, I've been learning anti-shoot from guys that know how to shoot. Like going for the face with a strike HAS to connect or they up-end me. The jerks.