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It is Fake
9/02/2012 11:56pm,
Currently, we have the real Booj posting in a thread. So, I was looking for a professional fighter that claims Booj as his fight style. First link that popped up was this one:

I will never understand why instructors feel it is necessary to write this tripe. If you think your philosophy is better fine, but do you really need to advertise your bias and bigotry.

The UFC rules require MMA guys to rely upon raw strength too much, and so the training methods emphasize getting as big and strong as possible.Really? Later on you mention you have no experience in MMA, so how do you know it is "raw strength too much?" I'm going with your lack of experience and silliness. Also, it requires you to be in top shape not "as big and strong as possible." Is this a veiled excuse called "it is okay to be fat because your training will save you" excuse?

This might be OK for pro to semi-pro athletes, but most people in the real world cannot afford the time and money required for such a high level of physical training. Funny, a simple gym membership is actually cheaper than most TMA dojos and kwoons. So, if they take the time to PAY YOU, they can get "as big and strong" as possible. Hell, I bet most could afford to do some Judo, 2 to three times a week, as well.

Big muscles will give you an advantage in the ring, but that does not always translate into an advantage on the street.Right because the street negates muscles and strength, it is Self Defense kryptonite. "Always." Cool, weapons don't "always" translate into an advantage on the street. See what I did there?

There are no weight categories that criminals recognize and you are likely to be attacked by someone much larger and stronger than yourself. Yes, so raw strength would be great in this situation.

A knife will cut through big muscles just as well as through smaller ones and sticks will break bones no matter how much weight lifting an attacker may have done in prison.That's if you see it coming. If you can't get to that weapon, knives are close quarter combat devices, you'd wish you were stronger. See, I can create scenarios that fit my argument as well. Hell, are you advocating being fat and lazy again? That's what I keep picturing reading this paragraph.

I am not an expert in MMA so I do not know the intricacies of their outlook, but from the outside it appears to most traditional martial artists that the MMA/UFC crowd has more of a bad attitude than a mental edge. The tough guy ‘bad boy’ F.U. attitude might be fine in prison, but it is no way to live in society. The competitions only serve to build the egos of these guys, and although there are certainly exceptions, the MMA guys mostly come off as little more than street-level gang-bangers who have organized themselves into fighting clubs. I see no evidence of their mental edge.Yes, because there has never been arrogant "tough guy" TMAers:

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSwz9sZRH5rPuOldggm5Ceg6e51Ka0py B_ipppY1M6j7QJkIyah&t=1

I guess they have the right philosophy, so their size and fitness don't matter.

I won't point out how arrogant you sound attacking their "mental edge," while trying to compare them to gang bangers. You know with no experience. --oops-

A warrior who is motivated into gaining victory to boost his ego, and who is often fueled by anger and greed, will eventually be blinded by the allure of these illusory things and find that he has taken too much risk, throwing away not only the chance of victory but his life as well. Victory becomes like a drug to feed their egos. History is full of such people, and their eventual downfall. Likely we will see their mistakes repeated over and over again in the future. This is OK in the rings or ‘cages’ where the only result is some bruises and a bruised ego, but in real fighting the stakes are higher and the results of anger fueled rash actions can often be fatal.Explain this "real fighting." Why is it only sports fighters are egoists, rash and all about the greed? If I get in a "real fight," whether it is beating my opponent(s) or escaping, am I not looking for victory?

It is Fake
9/03/2012 12:00am,
Here's the "BJJ Trash" and "teh real" post that irritated me.
I don't know where you'd find one, that's why I said "If".

What makes my group different? Well first and foremost no one involved does this as a hobby, every member is either former/active military, law enforcement or in my case law enforcement/MMA.

So #1: is motive. ( staying alive and not getting taken out by multiple adversaries/random BJJ trash )

#2: Physical fitness is mandatory. I'm not talking about these weekend warriors who think they're in shape because they go to the gym twice and eat one dingdong instead of two. Majority of us have a strict 5 day lifting regimen, 3-4 days running regimen and training is about 4 days a week also.

Once again this is not some random set of "dojo rules" we're a core group of people, and this is just the fitness standard we've agreed on after seeing our fellow officers get torn apart and seeing friends go down in the cage because they thought they knew what they were doing.

#3: I'm not going to list how this is done because I don't need some random Booj lurkers trying to emulate me and pretend like they actually hold a candle, but techniques are broken down and sorted in specific ways, entire Ryu-ha are learned and studied but training specific and functional techniques are key. The problem with most of the other groups is that it's a random theme or move every night and no one learns or develops skill in any one technique. So you have 20 something people doing half assed versions of 30 moves they never really learned correctly. [ See a problem there? ]

Also somethings don't translate to certain situations. I can't use happaken or shakoken in a match, but I can certainly use happaken in transition to a clinch in a realistic situation. Same with shakoken, last time I checked IL had an issue with clawing through flesh in the cage.

I am starting to ramble here so I'll try to sum this up.

The majority of people in the Bujinkan are out of shape, have no real combat experience [ of their own choosing! because they're scared and want to dress up and be feudal figments of the past ], don't train their techniques properly or long enough, and never test them against resisting opponents. Once again I completely understand not every technique can be used full force without injury but guess what? A lot of them can and do work.

We do the opposite of the above issues.

As for video taping sparring? Electronic equipment isn't allowed in the main building we train at due to security regulations but in the future we'd like to expand to some different training areas or do some filming in outdoor terrain. I suppose if you're super curious and ever in the Chi, you could hit me up and we can roll together. I don't hate other Bujinkan practioners, I'm just really sick and tired of people pretending to be something they aren't. [ Donk, Hayes, 75% of the Gaijin Shihan ] I would take a fight with any of those fruit loops on any day of any year.

P.S Oh and how could I forget the likes of the ass-juice run off collective of Antony Cummins and Christa Jacobson. Throw these imbeciles up into that list also.

P.P.S It may seem like I am extremely negative but that's really not the essence of what I am trying to get across, text is hard to translate how someone really feels about a specific situation so just a heads up, I don't think I'm some demon resurrecting the ways of the past... I'm just annoyed with how things were done and decided to change that.

There's a training event from 1987 on Youtube where Doron and Hatsumi tell the group there ( around the 17 minute mark ) that they need to start actually training and utilizing the strikes the way they are meant to be, my feelings are very similar.

It's a shame barely anyone listened. Yes, everything in here may be true, but I have a feeling the MMA is going to be the "TMA" version that is the same as the "Sport MMA," but really different.

9/03/2012 12:06am,
I'm going to get a tattoo that says "BJJ TRASH" and rock a mullet.

9/03/2012 12:16am,
The UFC-style fights are impressive to those who are new to martial arts, or have not had the benefit of training in the battlefield martial arts of Japan, but this is really a case of comparing apples and oranges.

So how long until I'm no longer considered new enough to martial arts or how much longer was I supposed to study the 'battlefield martial arts of Japan' in order to not find UFC style fights impressive?

Does my training in BJJ now make me a half-caste [random BJJ trash]?

9/03/2012 12:28am,
Seriously, that whole post is just a masturbation session based on what he thinks he knows about martial arts.

9/03/2012 1:50am,
The competitions only serve to build the egos of these guys, and although there are certainly exceptions, the MMA guys mostly come off as little more than street-level gang-bangers who have organized themselves into fighting clubs. I see no evidence of their mental edge.

Haha, I see no evidence?! My 4yo plays this game all the time.
'daddy, I can't find my ...'
'have you looked?'

But really I was just re-reading the comment to find out how to become an MMA gang-banger. I've never been a gang-banger before, turns out all I had to do was train MMA! I just knew, deep down, that I was gangsta. Now it's official!

9/03/2012 3:44am,
Lets see,
Rules get in the way check.
MMAers have no technical ability just brute raw power check.
**** about swords and knives check.
Yep its every poster who has come here to blah blah blah about street vs sport.

The thing I love the most is how they look at MMA as egomaniac thugs.
I suppose we all just TEST ourselves to prove we are better than other people instead I don't know all of the many other reasons one might want a challenge?

9/03/2012 5:11am,
How do people like this take themselves seriously?

or is it all self-delusion?

9/03/2012 5:44am,
Guys, this is all true. I had two MMA classes. Before I knew what hit me, I had built up 30 lbs of muscle mass and blood on my hands from jumping some guy with my gang. Fortunately for us, he didn't seem to have any formal martial arts training.

9/03/2012 6:44am,
I blame moden society. Industry and technology have combined to create a world of relative luxory, a world wherein we can suffer fools. From an early age we foster weakness and assign value to any pittance of effort put forth. "Oh johnny, here's your participation ribbon, everybody is a winner for trying, we don't keep score".

Then they enter the real world where skill matters and they are faced with the choice of admitting that they have no skills or creating a fantasy world for themselves where they are the deadly masters and EVERYBODY ELSE is the weak poser.

And would'nt you know some muscle head asshole has to ruin their lives by putting out an open challenge to prove that their **** works! What the **** is that? Don't shine a light in to my dimly lit corner of larpist dellusions. **** me, I'm trying to pretend that I can dissapear, assasinate people, have sex with girls and kill with my chi blast.

Now I have to create a secondary tier of larpist fantasy to justify why I don't need to be able to "do UFC" cause they suck! **** me in the goat ass, this is becoming a lot like work. Dear god bring back the eighties, when my **** didn't stink.

Dear god please make me a bird, so I can fly far, far far away. To my fantasy land where the Michael Dudakof poster hanging above my bed was cool. Where pudgy women with bad teeth think I'm so awesome that they let me feel their back boobs through their sweaters.

Oh for the good old days of jerking off to Black belt magazine and the Lingerie section of the JC Pennys catalog.

**** the UFC, the track team, skinny people, 24 hr fitness and republicans. I'm a fucking ninja and by the chi power generated by my bitch titties I would kill you all if it wasn't for my moral code that keeps the deadly ninja assasin from hurting innocent defensless people unless somebody pays them too but I haven't had a contract in a while so I guess you're okay for now. :(

It is Fake
9/03/2012 7:47am,
Oh and the guy in my second post is a professional MMAer according to his profile.

9/03/2012 9:51am,
But really I was just re-reading the comment to find out how to become an MMA gang-banger. I've never been a gang-banger before, turns out all I had to do was train MMA! I just knew, deep down, that I was gangsta. Now it's official!

Listen, Homes. You're going to need a dropped sled for real street cred. I can help you there, nice little runner - only used for drive-bys on Sundays.

9/03/2012 10:02am,
As BJJ trash I take offense.

9/03/2012 10:23am,
As BJJ trash I take offense.

no one cares what random bjj trash like you thinks


9/03/2012 10:25am,
Bjj trash. In my case its a gang of stockbrokers choking out our secretaries. We are tuff.

9/03/2012 10:29am,
What I find especially amusing about all this is that this dude clearly never read up on the history of early UFC and how it was basically designed to be a billboard for Gracie BJJ and Royce beating the **** out of much bigger "meatheads"