View Full Version : Very old video of ki master

8/29/2012 9:26pm,
I'm trying to find a specific video of a guy who believes in chi and gets challenged by a kickboxer or something. He was fat and trained under someone named "master shadow" or "mister shadow". In the first part of the video, he tries to throw a chi ball. Then they move on to fist fighting and he gets clocked immediately.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Mr. Machette
8/29/2012 10:33pm,
There's a ton to be found on this site. Not sure if this is the one you have in mind, but it's one of the classics for sure. One sided beat down begins @ 2:45


Oh shizzle. There's another, even BETTER angle...


8/30/2012 2:32am,
That's not it but thanks for posting the second version. I only found the first one.

They were both white and the fat guy said in a super shy/anxious voice that his instructor was Mxster shadow.