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4/21/2004 11:37am,
It looks as though that interview I did with Matthew Mullins (posted in the Black Belt Club) will be placed as a side bar to a story they are doing with Mike Chat. It's not much but it's a start. Plus if they I asked them to include my acknowledgements to those who helped with the interview this includes just two names Bullshido.com and Sharkey's Karate Studio. :)

Matt W.
4/21/2004 11:38am,

Now how about posting it for all us peasants out here in the general forums?


4/21/2004 11:49am,
How about donating a few bucks to the site and join the few the proud the BLACK BELT CLUB!!!

Matt W.
4/21/2004 11:53am,

4/21/2004 12:18pm,
Matt W I'm surprised YOU haven't joined yet.

I though this was my thread for a bit there Mig... :D

Matt W.
4/21/2004 12:33pm,
Well, I intend to eventually. But frankly, though $20 isn't really that much, I'm paycheck to paycheck right now. And... well let me put it to you this way: I could scrape together $20 to donate to a website, or I could spend it doing something nice for my pregnant wife. I mean, I respect what Phrost is doing here and am happy to be a part of it, but I feel I have my priorities in the right place at this time.

Still, I admit I'm considering donating at some time soon. We'll see.


4/21/2004 12:43pm,
Very cool.

4/21/2004 4:06pm,
When I first heard you were getting published, I figured it'd be in Black Belt on "The Lethal Locks of Street Hapkido!" followed by pictures of you in a T-shirt ox-jawing people's skulls.