View Full Version : Should I train with what could be the start of a cold?

8/02/2012 8:23pm,

It could be that it is my body's reaction to the fact that I woke up very cold the other morning because I didn't leave my heater on, or it could be a simple rhinovirus that is struggling to take hold, as I have rolled with someone recently who was "just coming out of a cold" and it has been going around my office.

Truthfully, it hasn't hit hard. I have a little nasal congestion, but can breathe relatively easy through it. Maybe a little reduced cardio, definitely not at my peak and this is causing me to feel only a tiny bit weakened. Paraphrasing my mate who was paraphrasing his coach, "if you keep the furnace hot enough, you'll burn through anything", referring to training and metabolism, which is why I think I am faring better than my co-workers who reckon when it hit them it hit them hard.

I have heard conflicting opinions on dealing with a potential cold. One idea is to train, sweat the ************ out and fight through it. The other is to jump into bed and fight it through rest.

Obviously I don't want to give a cold to someone if I have a cold, but I also don't want to give up a couple of days training just because I am feeling "a little off".

Tell me what to do.

8/02/2012 8:29pm,
Why dont you do mostly cardio?
Having a coughing dude on top of you is a good way to get sick for your mates

8/02/2012 8:39pm,
I'm not coughing.

8/02/2012 9:19pm,
I'm not coughing.

Well there is still a large posibility of contagion
Am I right?
Anyways I heard from a fencing friend that if you shower just after you finish the excercise there is less posibility of getting a cold or worsening it

My advice is to: Dont roll, cardio and stretching until you get better

8/03/2012 2:42pm,
My experiences training while sick have all been terrible.

If its not slowing your motivation and you dont feel like ****, go and have an easy day at the gym.

If you are full on sick, stay the **** home. You will just lengthen your recovery by training. Your friend who thinks he can burn through an illness is an idiot.

8/03/2012 3:17pm,
I always stop training for a day or two to figure out if it's allergies or an actual cold. I do this more because getting your training partners sick is a douchebag move, rather than being concerned with my personal welfare.