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7/27/2012 9:48am,
Hi all, I have been facing some issues with my training and hope that by posting what I typically do on a weekly basis, some of you might be able to give me some tips on what I should stop doing or what I need to do more, any equiptment i should add etc.
Thanks in advance!

(btw, we use the metric system here so..sorry for any confusion)

Current status
Asian, Male
Age: 29
Weight: 55 - 58kg (fluctuates)
Height: 1.68M
Father of 2, full time job minimum 5 days a week, 9.5 hours each day.

Equipment ( I don't go to a fitness gym so its only home stuff )
2 dumbbells, 12kg each (adjustable up to 20kg)
1.60M tall heavy bag
Stone karate gripping jar

Current training venues
BJJ and MT at an MMA gym
Kyokushin Karate at a local dojo
Kung Fu at a local park

Weekly training routine
( This is a sample of a typical week. due to the fact that I work shifts, some of the classes might differ slightly and the timing would be different but the hours are generally the same.)

Monday(self training, all training done before/after a 9.5 hr working day)
Heavy bag work, punch and kick combinations (30min)
Makiwara drill (15 to 20min)
Stone jar grip lifts (10min)
Dumbbells - curls, squats, overhead lifts, rolls ( 20min)
Running at moderate speed interspaced with 50 to 100m sprints (30min)
Push ups (around 3 - 4 reps of 20)
Body rolls (20 each side)
Pull and chin ups (I try to do 10 to 12 each)
Squats (3 reps of 20)

Tuesday( training done before or after a 9.5 hr working day)
BJJ Class (1hr 30min)

Wednesday ( training done before or after a 9.5 hr working day)
MT Class (1hr 30min)

Thursday ( training done before or after a 9.5 hr working day)
BJJ Class (1hr 30min)

Friday (OFF day from work)
Karate Class (1hr 30min)

Saturday (OFF day from work)
Rest and family stuff
Quick 30min run

Sunday ( training done before or after a 9.5 hr working day)
Karate Class (1hr 30min)
Quick 30min run

Problems currently faced
As you can see, my time is pretty much maxed out, therefore I am concerned if I am spending time doing the right stuff.
I am a really small guy and I find that quite a disadvantage during sparring.
Basically the biggest problem I have is getting my weight up.
I hope to compete in a couple of full contact Kyokushin tourneys next year and at my current weight I will be at a huge disadvantage.
I am open to any suggestions and advice but I do have a few specific questions;
1. Should I do protein and creatine supplements?
2. Should I be doing more heavy weight lifting?
3. How can I bulk up and not get a belly at the same time ( I put on weight around the belly faster than any other area)

Thanks for reading!