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4/19/2004 4:15pm,
I just registered here and wanted to put up a first post. I used to post at the ADCC Forum under the name Neo_MMA and was once a moderator there. I got to busy though and quit for a long time. This forum seems much more interesting though and I enjoy reading the topics here.

I train in Muay Thai kickboxing and have been doing so for almost 2 years now. I plan on eventually getting into ground fighting, such as BJJ.

I look forward to posting with everyone.

Deadpan Scientist
4/19/2004 4:21pm,
Exciting, an ADCC poster... Welcome to bullshido

4/19/2004 4:45pm,
Ah, another one who has seen the light. Welcome, brother.

Omega Supreme
4/19/2004 5:19pm,
Pisses on leg.


4/19/2004 5:21pm,
You have bad aim...that was his face:D

Welcome to bullshido

4/19/2004 7:59pm,
Should I care?