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7/11/2012 5:46am,
Howdy folks!

Well, I prefer not to give out many details about me, but I do understand that people need to know what kind of person they are communicating with, so here is the raw info on me in a nutshell.

Martial Arts: Not a hunter nor a collector of certificates or belts, but active for quite a while (on and off) as circumstances (employment, family, etc.) allows.

Employment: The important stuff would be my background as far as it regards to law enforcement, corrections (I usually don't seperate them two!) and security. Lets put it this way, it is over a decade of work experience in the above mentioned areas. Also, my experience is from two very different locations (countries), 'nough said.

Well, probably should 'fess up to having been visiting Mr. Wagner and taking his level 1 instructor course out of curiosity. While I stated that I do not look for collecting certificates, I sure do have some from martial arts and law enforcement training.

I don't want to push out my stuff for the world to see, and know and be all in my personal business (my personal business is my personal safety and that of the people I care about), and I politely ask for this to be accepted! I will gladly provide sufficient proof regarding the statements of my background to admin or mod on this forum if I get contacted via email.

Stay safe and check your six!!!

7/11/2012 5:51am,
Welcome. I have some family out in OK, and I'm trying to get my brother into training. You have any gym recommendations for the Oklahoma City area?

7/11/2012 6:21am,
Welcome to Bullshido.

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7/11/2012 10:46am,
Hello lordbd,

I would think about the windsong dojo right out of the top of my head. Never trained there myself, but buddies of mine did for quite some time and they were always talking good about it.

Also I would think that Lovato's school of BJJ would be a good place. Didn't train there either but checked it out a couple times and I thought it was a good school.

Academy of Martial Arts would be another well rounded place to look at. I was checking out that place a few times, though I never participated due to an injury at that time.

In Moore, your brother can find burrisusastars.org. Never heard anything bad about it.

Your brother should stay clear of "PokDok Suri Martial Art". Let's just say the vibe is kinda off. It used to be a PMA dojo and something else before that.

7/11/2012 11:10am,
Thanks for the tips, sounds like he has a good variety of options.