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4/19/2004 2:53am,
I'm a hobbyist. I do martial arts when I want to. If i'm not in the mood to train, then I don't. On a 0 to 10 scale of commitment, I'm about a 4. I'm putting Omega in as an example of a 10. So... are you an Artist (over 5) or a hobbyist (5 or less)

4/19/2004 2:57am,
I fucking get twitchy and bitchy if I go a week with out training hard.
I almost went nuts when I was up in Canada and couldn;t train for 10 days.
I was trying to O soto gari trees.

4/19/2004 2:58am,

I'm an addict.

4/19/2004 3:13am,
On a scale of Kungfoolss to Omega, probably around a JKDC...

4/19/2004 3:28am,
if i stop for a week r so, i start contemplating jointlocking and choking my friends. but i don't put as much time as i should towards general fitness, so i said hobbyist.

4/19/2004 3:40am,
Originally posted by mike reese
On a scale of Kungfoolss to Omega, probably around a JKDC...

I'm a unit of measurement now?

4/19/2004 4:14am,
i only train once a week, but the shits always in my head, and id go crazy without it, so somewhere upwards of 7...

4/19/2004 5:18am,

4/19/2004 6:15am,

4/19/2004 6:30am,
I'm gonna be honest.

I see myself as a hobbyist.

As odd of an analogy as this sounds, I see myself in many cases like an outdoorsperson. Someone who while they may not get out as much as they'd like, it's always in the back of the mind.

Hopefully my work situation will improve and I can get a bit more involved.

4/19/2004 7:05am,
J-Kid, are you really a professional? Wow, when's your Pride debut ?

4/19/2004 7:31am,
6 -- I train 4 days a week. 1-2 days of technique (4 hours), 1 day of sparring (30 min.). Cardio 4 days (25-30 min ea). Weight lifting 3 of the 4 days. I consider myself just on the other side of a hobbyist. Being a husband, father of 2 and working 50+ hours a week takes up most of my time.

4/19/2004 7:49am,
hobbyist, i train twice a week but if i miss 2 or 3 lessons then i feel like i simply must go and train.

4/19/2004 8:26am,
At the moment, I think my max formal training is around 9 hrs a week. I tend to think about it a fair bit though... so I guess a 7.5 maybe? :D

Matt W.
4/19/2004 8:37am,
My intention is to lift twice a week, wrestle twice a week (2 hour class) and work the heavy bag on the weekend. Then... stuff happens. Like Lamaz class every hursday night (one of the wrestling nights). Like embarking on a major home improvement project (been putting in laminate-wood flooring for the past two weekends. Stuff like that.

So out of what was only a "decent" training schedule to begin with, IMO, I'm left with only one night a week of real training (in wrestling) if I'm lucky and some lifting. That definitely rates me as only a hobbyist.


WingChun Lawyer
4/19/2004 8:44am,
One hour and a half of Muay Thai and two hours and a half of wing chun every week definetely ranks me as a hobbyist.