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6/29/2012 1:17pm,
I've been lurking for about seven years. The hilarious radki posts of 2005 were my first introduction to debunking bullshit in martial arts. About a year prior to that, I'd dropped out of a McDojo listed on this very site out of concern for legitimacy and swore I'd never be duped again. This site has helped a lot with that.

I'm studying at a Shotokan school for now, planning on a move to Tulsa next year and thinking of Conan's Academy, Apollo Karate, Tulsa Judo, Tulsa Kung Fu for the San Shou, or one of the Goju schools that I heard does full-contact training.

I've got experience in Taekwon-do from being a kid, was taught the basics of Muay Thai as a teenager and also of JKD footwork, both by close friends with some ring experience and lots of training, and was exposed to how much better these methods were than TKD by the savage, ego-rupturing asskicking that either of my buddies gave me on separate occasions.

I study Shotokan for now, because it's all I can afford and it has contact sparring, which I enjoy, and it just has a nice atmosphere. If I got into a real fight, on the street, it'd consist of me gouging eyes, boxing ears, biting and running away as fast as possible, and believe me, I've had to do it a few times. A one-on-one consensual, stand-up fight is a relic of a bygone past, and let's face it, I hate groundfighting. I have never gotten good instruction in it. I go to the ground, I die.

Well, my ramble is over. I'm nervous because I know you guys on here, the veterans, are extremely knowledgeable and know it, and I know I'm going to make an ass of myself. If anyone can give advice, I'll take it. I'll PM my location, but not public, I'm all sorts of paranoid.

6/29/2012 1:36pm,
Welcome to Bullshido.

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