View Full Version : yoshida vs. frye (spoiler)

11/24/2002 9:36pm,
with this second victory over a legend (both times with referee assistance) i'm certain that yoshida is being groomed for a title fight with silva. sak couldn't deliver and now pride is searching for a japanese fighter to take it from him. think about it; who has silva been fighting? a bunch of b-level japanese guys. if one beats him on a fluke, great, another japanese takes the title. if he loses, then silva plugs along with no real challenge, slowly losing his edge. meanwhile yoshida fights two big names form the old days of mma and comes out with early ref stoppages on submissions? something is brewing.

11/25/2002 12:09pm,
There's a decent case to be made for both sides of the Frye-Yoshida issue. As I see it, the signs pointing to it being real almost, but not quite, outweigh the signs pointing to a stiff-worked match. If it turns out to be a work, then I agree with your suspicions.

11/25/2002 6:14pm,
i don't think it was a work. i think the refs are under instructions to stop fights in yoshida's favor as soon as they can find a reason. i'll be interested in seeing if they jump in so quickly the first time yoshi is in trouble.

11/26/2002 1:51am,
Sounds reasonable - it's consistent with what happened in the Royce match and can be pulled off more easily than the usual work. What about Frye, though? Did he deliberately put up less of a fight or has age finally caught up with him?

11/26/2002 4:04am,
honestly, i haven't seen the fight. but from what i've read, frye didn't do much punching, which is his usual game. he has done works in the past, most notoriously in the ufc in his second fight with mark hall.

11/27/2002 12:41am,
that r.garcie fight was a no-contest - rightly so - was ridiculous.

I think Yoshida beat Fyre, in a fair match (non-work) - though I haven;t seen it, just pictures.