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6/24/2012 7:49pm,
I remember years ago, the half guard was nowhere near an attacking or an offensive position. It was either a means to stall the fight or a way for you to work your way back to full guard.

In this day and age, the half guard is just as prevalent and almost used more with some people then any other guard out there.

Now just like closed guard and open guard where it seems like you have countless amounts of variations to work with, the half guard also has a vast amount of variations as well.

One half guard position we are going to talk about dealing with as someone who is on top and trying to pass, is the Z-Half Guard position. Now the z-half guard has it's attacks for sure but just like the old days of the half guard, many people use the z-half guard to keep their opponent at bay so they can either move to another guard, looking for an opening, or even stall out the fight. It can honestly be frustrating for a lot of people.

And it can be even more frustrating when your opponent has very good position with their knee in your sternum and this is preventing you from being able to flatten their legs together or leg lace them with your arms to work the many passes from there.

In the video I share with you in this message, I talk about how you can use the high percentage leg drag pass to deal with someone who is using a good z-half guard and has their knee in your sternum.

I personally use this pass a lot with success from all positions and this position as well.

Definitely check it out, and pay attention to the finer points and details that I talk about. I also talk about an additional situation from half guard where you can use this pass as well.

It's been great hearing from everyone about the experiences they have been having by watching my videos and reading my posts. I feel extremely grateful to be able to actually help so many people. I never thought I would be able to have an impact like this and it's really made my life so much better because of it.


Thank you for sticking with me!

Jason Scully

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6/24/2012 9:39pm,
I've been working of my Leg Drag pass especially coming up from a 50/50 sweep, 1 Leg X sweep or an ankle lock/heel hook attempt. Never tried to apply it to passing Z guard. Thanks for the video!