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4/18/2004 5:46pm,
Hey everybody

I'm just getting started in ma again after taking a looooong break from it (tkd when I was 6) and I was wondering if anybody knew any good schools in the metro detroit area.

4/18/2004 5:49pm,
Hey man...welcome to bullshido. I'd curse you out and call you a fuckin noob..but omega and a couple other guys will take care of that. If you can withstand they're volley of insults for your first few weeks...then you'll be accepted. :)

Deadpan Scientist
4/18/2004 5:50pm,
What are your training goals?

4/18/2004 5:55pm,
Im basically just looking for a way to stay in shape and not get the sh1t kicked out of me a fight. I'm 5'11 and about 170 if that matters. Grappling looks fun.

4/18/2004 6:33pm,
Not sure how far it is from you, but the closest facility I know of if you actually live in Detroit is the Metro Fight Club (http://www.metrofightclub.net/ ). Their guys sometimes come on open training days at my school. I think they specialize in Judo.

4/18/2004 6:43pm,
Teleport to Lithuania?

4/18/2004 6:44pm,
THe metro fight club is full of bad asses. I would go there.

4/18/2004 7:00pm,
Kick, Punch, Wrestle!

4/18/2004 7:50pm,
Just have to go with whats avilable in your local area. First off check out all the Judo and BJJ clubs you can. Both of those arts require you to fit and will toughen you up in no time. That would be my preference. If its striking you want visit a kickboxing/muaythai school or karate if you wish. The arts I listed have a reputation for turning out high quality fighters. But it all depends on what the dojos in your city are like in terms of their training,how much it will cost and travel time. Weigh up all of these factors and see what pleases you.

4/18/2004 8:14pm,
Full contact karate (kyokushin). Muay thai. Judo. Boxing. Submission wrestling (BJJ). Greco Roman/Freestyle wrestling.

Kick, punch, wrestle... ~ Igor Zinoviev