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5/04/2012 8:23am,
From almost day one everyone learns the triangle choke, it's what many would consider a fundamental" submission of grappling, especially in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

One thing about the triangle choke though is that you don't actually get it sunk in perfectly very often. Most of the time it starts with you catching your opponent's head and arm with your legs, which basically looks like your have your ankles or shins crossed and then you have to make adjustments to finish the choke. All while your opponent is still fully resisting you.

Last month I competed in the Advanced Division of Grapplers Quest and I was able to get a triangle choke in one of my matches, this was not without a little work and some adjustments though.

So in this e-mail I share with you a video where you will see a 3 minute clip of me competing and working to finish the triangle choke until I finally got it. I have some voice over, did some slow motion repeats, and zoomed into parts as well over the competition clip so you can see a bit better. Then following the competition clip I also do a breakdown of what happened so you could get even more ideas.

One thing I had to deal with was my opponent tucking his arm down to the side which many of you know can be a pain in the butt. I didn't do anything fancy but there where some adjustments that I made to increase my chances of actually still finishing the submission.

This is one of my longer videos. I think closer to 11 minutes, but it's broken down to two parts so if you don't have time to catch the whole thing you can come back to the second part later.


Thanks for watching,

Jason Scully a.k.a. The Grapplers Guide
BJJ Black Belt

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