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4/30/2012 1:51pm,
Hello all,

I've admired this site for some time and finally am in a position to get involved.

I'm 51 years old and started my love for martial arts obsession at the San Bernardino (Cali) YMCA, training with a retired Long Beach PD Copper, John Taylor in Judo. I quickly fell in love with both Judo and Sensei Taylor's war stories of the streets.

I grew up in Judo, and as I got older helped train some local coppers, sparking my interest in police work. My career in LE went from 1986 to 1996, most of those years in LAPD. My best friend and West Bureau CRASH (gangs) partner John McCarthy and I went up to the Academy to teach officer survival in 1993 where we met Horion Gracie. John became a referee for the UFC and later got me involved as an alternate referee from 1995 to 1998.

Regretfully, I left the UFC in 1998. Not too much regret as at the time the owners (SEG) and producers were running it into the ground and my first son, Cameron was born. It became more important to stay at home with my new baby boy and I left the UFC.

I left LE and went to the fire department as a Paramedic. Toward the end of my public safety career I went back to school and ultimately got into Stanford School of Medicines PA (Physician Assistant) Program.

I'm practicing as a PA in Bakersfield CA, and have an interest in Classic Boxing. I train, along with my now 14 year old Cameron, at Lupe Aquino's (former WBC Welterweight Champion '93) gym here in town. I love martial arts history generally and western martial arts specifically.

That brings me to Mr. Kirk Lawson. A mere "Thank You," is not sufficient, in fact a HEART FELT thank you is probably not enough for the great work he has done reproducing old texts on boxing, wrestling, judo, physical culture, etc. THANK YOU SIR! And thank you to Bullsido for directing me to the great work Mr. Lawson has done!

Best regards and be safe,

Joe Hamilton, Bakersfield CA

4/30/2012 1:53pm,
Welcome Joe! Glad you joined us!

4/30/2012 2:11pm,
Thanks Steve! CTCTG looks like a "locked on" training group! Good for you!


4/30/2012 3:00pm,
Welcome. I have many of Kirk's books! He does an awesome job.

4/30/2012 6:28pm,
Thank's for the welcome. I've downloaded about 30 so far! I'm certain I will end up buying some traditional books for a couple though, just to have and keep for my sons too. I wonder if Kirk gets any royalties? I certainly hope so, and if so will be that much more apt to buy a few of the titles I end up loving! He should certainly get some profit for his efforts to make them available!

Best regards, JJH

4/30/2012 6:52pm,
Welcome to Bullshido.