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4/29/2012 1:38pm,
What's going on UG,

On this upcoming Thursday May 3rd 2012 at 10pm, I'm going to be holding a webinar that talks about "22 Tips On How You Can Train TO Your Fullest Potential".

I did this webinar last week for a select few and I got a ton of positive feedback so I figured I'd open it up to a bigger crowd. With the current software I'm using, I can only take 100 people so I'm giving priority to those who are on my newsletter. A ton of you are on it already but I know a lot aren't as well.

If you're not on the newsletter you'll also get a downloadable worksheet where I try to help guide you on how to create your own Grappling System - I have a video talking about it on my YT channel here too:

So on Wednesday Evening (5/2/12) and Thursday Afternoon (5/3/12) I'll send out an email to my Grapplers Guide newsletter members at http://www.grapplersguide.com giving instruction on how you can try to get a spot into the free webinar. Once it hits 100 attendees than I'm full.

The webinar is also interactive where I ask you guys questions and I look for your feedback as well.

I'll also do a 15 to 30 minute Q and A session at the end of the webinar answering any questions that you might have.

Here is a video I created to help you guys get some more info:


Thank you,
Jason Scully