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4/27/2012 5:09pm,
Many of you have seen my free solo Drills video on YouTube, the one that has 33 Solo Grappling Drills in Just 7 Minutes and I'm grateful that it has received some great feedback. If you haven't seen it, be sure to go to my YouTube channel and find it.

It will give you some ideas on some drills you can do on your own. My YouTube channel is at http://www.youtube.com/jasculs

In this message I would like to share with you a new drills video that I created for you, but this time it's all about partner drills.

If you are a coach, maybe you'll find some drills that are new to you and you can add them in your classes.

If you are a student and you have the ability to get some extra training in before class, after class, at home, or any other time these would be great for you to do with a partner.

Drills are extremely helpful in helping you improve your movement, agility, balance, coordination, speed, conditioning, and much more.

They also help keep training fun.

These drills that you find are just a very small portion of the drills I know. Just like solo grappling drills, I must have well over 300 partner grappling drills recorded in my journal as well.

I write down every new drill idea I come across because then I also know my workouts, whether they are solo or with someone else, are going to be awesome!


Keep training, and keep living the good life,

Jason Scully

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