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Omega Supreme
4/26/2012 12:30pm,
So this weekend Sub Fighter MMA will be holding, probably, the largest all women's grappling tournament of all time. There are reports of over 100 grapplers from all over will be competing in this tournament including our very own animlmther who's been on a tear this last year winning nearly a dozen gold medals in her division.

This event will be held Sunday April 29, 2012 in Laguna Hills, California. Costing only $25 and a guarantee of at least 3 matches. Many women competitors have shown up to events and had to fight men and outside their division because of low women's turnout. Now you're virtually guaranteed a proper match up.

Good luck ladies. I will be there with my new HD camera.

For more information:

4/26/2012 3:15pm,
eh, it's really closer to a half dozen, Coach!

Anyway, so excited for this tournament!! It's been in the works for months now and I've had the honor of helping SubfighterMMA during its progression. It's the first tournament I ever heard of that guarantees 3 matches for all competitors win or lose, as well as, a ton of great raffle prizes (like free GIs, sponsorship to any tournament of your choosing and fee-coverage to Leticia Ribeiro's grappling camp, amongst many others).

But more importantly, the tournament is exemplary of how powerful a grassroots movement can be to bring these types of events to fruition. It literally started with SubfighterMMA putting together a list of 50 girls here or 30 girls there and now with the help of Facebook, it has ballooned into a huge network (Women's Grappling Network; https://www.facebook.com/groups/341922519178021/) of nearly 300+ female jiujitsu/grappler competitors that is growing everyday.

We hope this event will demonstrate to the various promoters in Ca (Grappling Experience, IBJJF, NABBJF, UGF, etc) to recognize that the womens divisions can be a prominent part in their tournaments. We hope to nullify the seemingly huge indifference to female competitive grappling in the juijitsu community (and in female Combat Sports in general). There are hundreds of female competitors in SoCal alone and all we need to do is get everyone (competitors, promoters, Coaches, family and fans) on board so that there is a strong female presence at every tournament. This is the beginning of that and I'm honored, excited and frankly, a little nervous, that I get to be a part of it both behind the scenes and on the mat!

If you know any women in Ca (or abroad) that wish to be part of the Women's Grappling Network we have created, please message me so I can get them on board (this is an open network, so all can join male or female btw, as we can't do this by ourselves!).

FYI, this same weekend, on Apr. 28th, the first-ever all female MMA card will be streamed live from Ohio under Invicta Fighting Championships. April is proving to be a monumental month in Female Combat Sports!! I'll post it in the MMA forum, if it's not already there.

4/26/2012 3:49pm,
Can't wait to see the vids. Got my guy in BJJ, my daughter was the one initially interested but I think was put off by the boy/girl ratio. I have been talking to her about trying with a female instructor, maybe watching the comp videos will respark her interest. Kick ass Animlmthr!

Omega Supreme
4/30/2012 4:12pm,

Congrats on Amimlmthr taking silver in her 8 woman blue belt bracket.