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4/26/2012 3:06am,
Hello everyone.
Please suggest me which martial art is easiest to learn. I want to learn some martial art which I can practice at home with my nephew. I want to know which is simplest, effective and easy to learn.
Thanks in advance!

4/27/2012 4:14am,
Can you plz suggest me some martial art to learn and practice from DVDs or Youtube? There are no instructors in my town the only way zI could learn is from videos.

4/27/2012 8:06am,
You probably can't really "learn" a martial art without instruction, but if you want to have fun and get in shape, I really enjoyed Bas Rutten's shadow-boxing dvd/cd combo. He has a DVD demonstrating boxing stance and how to do different punches, and the cd has him call out combinations. Great cardio workout.

4/27/2012 8:08am,
I should also add that Bas Rutten in hilarious and has some pretty funny tongue-in-cheek self-defense videos on youtube, or at least he used to.

4/27/2012 8:19am,
What city do you live in?

And you can't learn martial arts from video. BUT if you are determined to try, get the Gracie combatives videos. Gracie university dot com I believe.

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4/29/2012 12:48am,
Thank you friends for the advice. I have seen Bass Rutten's videos on Youtube and I really liked them. I will try to get his DVDs. I'll also try to get Gracie combative videos.
Diesel_tke I live in a remote village in Maharashtra, India. My village is near well famous Ellora caves.

4/29/2012 7:09pm,
Well, if you can get a partner, the Gracie videos are great.

4/30/2012 12:41am,
Ok, Diesel_tke, I will get them. I have a partner.

5/07/2012 5:00am,
How about getting some DVDs or search youtube for instructions on Tai-Chi. That should be something you could do at home by yourself. Not, perhaps, a martial art in the sense we'd like to think of it, but still better than nothing. With a partner, I agree with Diesel_tke, definitely go with some BJJ DVDs.

5/08/2012 10:54am,
Thank you psyko for your advice. I got Bas Rutten's DVD, I'll also find the stuff you mentioned in your post.
After reading your post I got some Tai Chi videos by Master Wong on YouTube, but he is too much criticized by people on this forum :) I don't know if he is reliable or not!!!

5/08/2012 3:47pm,
Sometimes we fall in the wrong hands and we tend to make themistake of learning from a hungry money teacher, now in days there are very fewgood teachers out there that do it for the love of the arts. I been helping allotof people with their teens and adults find the right school or trainer, but doyou have a specific art that calls out your attention?

I was browsing on YouTube and I found this guy posting somepretty tough videos, and what I like about the videos is that you can actuallylearn from them. It seems that what he is teaching is not to just fight the bumor bully asshole by the block. But to face off with an enemy that knows martialarts as well.
search a video link called brffyl check out what he got,
this homie really got something coming.

I would start looking for people like that or who knowsbecause there is so many out there,

But again you got to walk the walk to find that art you knowwhat I am saying?