View Full Version : imagine the craptacularness of THIS particular fight scene...

4/16/2004 11:07am,
Uma Thurman versus David Carradine

I love Kill Bill but..... ew. Just ew. All they need to do now is throw in Keanu Reeves, and you've got a menaj-a-twa of pure fecal matter (no, I don't remember how to spell that)

4/16/2004 11:29am,
It does not bother me at all, these folx are just actors trained by some top notch fight choreagraphers for a movie fight scene with no impact on the actual fighting world. Just enjoy the show and maybe its worth the 9 bucks (maybe!).

I remember Omar Epps explaining in an interview from his last film wich his character is a boxer that he had compliments on his athletic skills emulating a boxer but he knows sure as hell he is not one.

All we can hope for is that David Carradine does not do an M.A. video from this like his Tai-Chi swill >=P .

Peter H.
4/16/2004 11:42am,
Sonny Chiba pwnes, and since he had a hand in teaching Uma et al to sword fight, they inhereit some of that pwnage. It'll be good, better than the crap that passed for a fight between Reeves & Weaving in Matrix 3

4/16/2004 11:50am,
uuugh, DBZ anyone? Thats basically what that was

John A Butz
4/16/2004 12:03pm,
It's a flick. Suspend your disbelief and have fun. :)

Of course, if it is a shitty movie fight, well, that would suck...

Peter H.
4/16/2004 12:07pm,
My problem was that for a big portion of the fight in question, it was 2 CG guys duking it out. I'm a fan of fantastic fights, wire work, the whole kung-fu theater thing, but when I go see a movie with fight scenes, I like seeing people fighting, if I wanted to watch two animated characters fight, I would watch DBZ.

4/16/2004 12:11pm,
Peter: I feel the same way. I love Hong Kong films, especially the well-choreographed fight scenes. (Fist of Legend, oh yeah) Reducing the fight to that DBZ crap was a shitty end to a shitty trilogy. they should have just left it at the first one.

FORTUNATELY, I expect that Uma versus Carradine WILL be well choreographed, and therefore still awesome. I can't wait for the movie.

Peter H.
4/16/2004 12:23pm,
I thought the car chase was good, with the 100 Smith's I was more annoyed at the over use of the bullet time effect than the CG.

Call me an anachranism, but when the good guy faces off with the bad guy for the final fight, I want it to actually be the good guy and the bad guy.

But I think we've drifted.

4/16/2004 12:40pm,
I thought the final Neo/Smith battle was the film's only saving grace.

4/16/2004 1:41pm,
man. I refuse to accept that those last two movies are at all connected to the first.